Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sid the Science Kid at the Atlanta Children's Museum

The Atlanta Children's Museum. A fun and interactive museum designed for young children.

Over the weekend I took my little scientists to see the new Sid the Science Kid exhibit currently on tour at the Children's Museum of Atlanta. This was right up The Cutes alley, and I knew they would be so excited to check it out. They love to watch the PBS show, and enjoy anything having to do with science activities and experiments.

From the moment we entered the exhibit their faces lit up. It's literally a kids perfect play area. The exhibit is inspired directly from the Sid the Science Kid show, and features a wide variety of science based activities, hands on experiments, and interactive shows designed to let kids get a little peek into Sid's world and become science kids themselves. 

Sid even makes an appearance or two himself. The kids thought it was so neat to see him in person. He also gave them each their own kaleidoscope to take home with them. They were so in awe to see one of their favorite television characters in person!

Everywhere you turn in the exhibit there is something for the children to touch, see, and play with. The space is well organized and guides the children - even the youngest - easily through each activity.

The kids are able to investigate everyday science questions as they pass through Sid's home, school, playground, and (our personal favorite) the Super Fab Lab. 

Cute was in his element, and soaked up every single experiment presented to him. He loved taking on each challenge and learning more about simple machines, the laws of motion, and magnetism. 

The digital displays were a huge hit too. In the age of electronics the kids were masters at this portion, and had a blast putting their skills to work. 

Especially when it came time to add in their dancing skills! :)

The playground area was a popular place with all three of them and they almost didn't want to leave this section.

It contained a mixture of traditional playground equipment, and various science activities. Needless to say the kids loved it!

The Super Fab Lab was where they spent most of their time though. They spent over an hour just taking in each experiment, using the microscope to dig further, and recording their findings down in the provided journals. They felt like real scientists and told everyone who would listen that they now worked in a lab.

And the fact that they could wear costumes in this area pretty much sealed the deal that this was the best place ever. 

All three Cutes were able to soak in the science teachings presented to them in their own way. The exhibit is designed for ages 0-8, and I would say it was spot on for our little crew. I felt like each one was able to learn, play, and enjoy themselves.

And based on their smiles and constant chatter about what they learned, we will definitely be making a trip back soon to visit Sid.  

The exhibit is on display until mid-January 2018. It's a traveling exhibit, so if you aren't in the Atlanta area I would check to see if it comes to your area soon. But definitely put it on your radar if you have little science lovers too! Not to mention the Children's Museum of Atlanta is just a super fun place for kids in general!

Do you have science kids? What science activities do they like to participate in? 


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** Thank you to Brave PR and Children's Museum of Atlanta for providing tickets to this event in exchange for review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. **

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