Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: Nothing But LOVE Edition

My heart has been so full this week! And now that it's Friday - the icing on the cake! 

The entire month of February has been jam packed with fun, and today marks the start of our Winter Breaks. One of us is heading off for some sunny adventures, and the other is headed frolic in the snow. Both of us are of us are over the top excited about it. 

So far we have nothing but LOVE for the month of February! 

Today we might be kicking off vacation, but that's not the only thing to love lately. Linking up today as usual for a little Friday Favorites with some fabulous ladies. Not to mention, I have stumbled on a ton of favorites lately so get ready...

First, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Valentine's Day itself. I didn't take many photos, but it was such a fun day filled with love. 

The kids had so much fun at their class parties passing out Valentines and making crafts. 

Then they ate about a thousand pieces of candy and we did what any smart parents would do...we left them with a babysitter to go out to dinner on our own. 

We ate at a local restaurant and it was laid back and easy - just the way we like it. Plus tasty drinks and yummy desserts, what's not to love about that?

 I have approximately 87 more miles of running to go before I burn off that piece of peanut butter pie, but oh so worth it! 

We aren't consistent about giving gifts for Valentine's Day. Last year I even bought my own gift

This year though I wanted to get the kids a little something. They have been asking for these blankets for forever and I had kind of forgotten at Christmas. Well, Valentine's Day made all their shark/mermaid loving dreams come true. 

They have put these on non-stop since they got them and love them!

Who knew a blanket could be so exciting?! 

Okay, since I mentioned running above, I have to share my new favorite show to watch while I'm running. Netflix has been one of those things we signed up for on a whim and I have loved it! I just pop up the app when I'm at the gym, choose my show and go. 

We crowd sourced a few months ago on Facebook about what shows to watch on Netflix, and you guys gave some awesome suggestions. I just finished up with season two of the The Crown, and went back and looked at the list. A reader had messaged us about Scandal so I decided to give it a try. 

Y'all it is so so good! How did I not watch this earlier?!

It's definitely got me hooked and I'm so glad that there are a ton of seasons to binge watch!

So far on Netflix I've watched:
The Crown

 What have been your favorite shows on Netflix? Keep the suggestions coming!

I have all but given up on Winter and winter style. I am over the cold, rainy weather we have been having this season and am ready for some warmth and sun! We are headed somewhere sunny next week and I CANNOT WAIT! I was doing a little shopping for the trip and spotted some cozy, yet fun sweatshirts. If there's anything I can rock right now it's a sweatshirt. ;) 

This "Satur-yay" sweatshirt was a no-brainer. That's exactly how I feel every Saturday. 

It has a hi-low hem line so it's perfect to wear with leggings. It's lightweight, so perfect to wear into spring. And just a fun, casual weekend item.  

I love all things nautical so when I spotted this yellow anchor sweatshirt, I knew it needed to come home with me too. 

I've worn it a ton already. I've partnered it with jeans and my green Hunter boots on rainy days and popped it on with seersucker skinnies and my converse on others. So easy, so cozy, and will but cute to throw on in the Spring with some cut off shorts and flip flops. 

In prep for our trip, I've had to get the kids some new warm weather shoes. I re-ordered the Native shoes again because they literally are the easiest shoe to put kids in during the Summer months. My kids wore them everywhere - the pool, the beach, on the boat, playing outside. They are so easy and just rinse off. 

For the girls I found these fun converse-like shoes, and they were so inexpensive. L.C. loves hers and couldn't wait to wear them right away. 

They come in a ton of bright fun colors, and I ordered a few more pairs that will arrive when we return because the girls love them so much.  

Less than $10 for cute kids shoes? If that's not a favorite I don't know what is! 

Last week, Carrie Beth chatted about her favorite beauty products. Even being best friends, and chatting about everything under the sun some of these were new to me. I immediately ordered the root boost she mentioned and can't wait to give it a try. Skincare has been a huge topic among our circles lately (hello, wrinkles - eek!), and at a dinner my friend A was asking about my routine because she noticed some changes. I guess to me the change has been gradual over time that I haven't  noticed, but it was nice to see that it's producing noticeable results. I sent her a pick of my line up. 

I use a combo of these every single day. Some are pricey, but oh so worth it.
  • Columbia Probiotic Concentrate - I love this. It makes my skin feel so good! My skin seems to soak it right up and over time I feel as though my skin is little plumper (if that's the right word for it). I need to reorder but it's been one of my favorite products. 
  • Columbia Skincare Probiotic Complex - I use this twice a day, every day. I use it after I put on one of the oils or concentrates in the morning and at night. It is my favorite and such a good moisturizer. 
  • Dermae Illuminating Oil - I usually use this once every few days. It makes your skin feel good, and it smells so so good. I love using it when I feel a little tired. It seems to brighten up my skin a ton. Especially 
  • Skin Ceuticals  CE Ferulic - Okay I heard about this from someone and started using it about 6 months ago. It had rave reviews and I was willing to give it a try. I think this was probably the contributor for my friend asking about my skincare routine.  I use it every morning. Full warning - it doesn't smell the best, but clearly it works it's magic. 

What are some of your favorite skincare products? Share with us because I'm always willing to change up the lineup if it produces great results. 

And that's our favorites for the week! Stay tuned for something fun we have going on next week and follow along on Instagram to see where we are headed!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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