Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fifty Shades of Fun

I absolutely adore the time I get to spend with my girlfriends. We always have a ton of fun together and can spend hours talking and laughing together without even realizing it. We do a great job of seeing each other often, but its rare when we are sans children and husbands. 

This past weekend we made plans for a fun girls night out and fortunately Mother Nature decided to cooperate. We decided to celebrate the break from cold, "snow", and ice with a little girls night out pre-game shopping. 

We had a blast hitting up some of our favorite boutiques, and checking out some of the new spring fashions and seasonal home trends. We even got to try on an item or two with out an audience, or the fear that a little mini someone figures out how to crawl under the dressing room door and run away while chasing them through a store full of patrons while wearing nothing but your underwear. It maybe has happened once before. Possibly twice. 

I fell in love with these cute Pick Me Up canvas pouches by Lilly. I am definitely dreaming of all things summer right now.

How cute are these little plates for Easter? We thought they would make an adorable teacher or hostess gift. (source: francesca's)

After working up an appetite shopping, we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants California Dreaming. If there is a location near you and you haven't tried it yet you are missing out. 

Not only do they have yummy food and excellent cocktails, they make these delicious croissant rolls drizzled in honey that I might have a slight addiction too. I might be tiny, but I can down six of these in the blink of an eye. I ate five before I remembered to take a pic. 

Our dinner did not disappoint, and we were all happy that we chose to wear pants that had a little stretch in them. Carrie Beth stated it best when she said, "I'm so full, but it's just too yummy to leave any behind."

After dinner we made our way to the movies to see a certain new release. 

Jen's Outfit: Sweater | Love Tee | Boots
Carrie Beth's Outfit: Jeans | Boots

Now we realize the 50 Shades of Grey book and movie have been the hot topic of some controversy lately, but we knew going into the movie, via a close friend, that the movie wasn't nearly as graphic as the book. All but one of us had read the books prior to the movie and as mentioned a few weeks ago, were curious as to how they were going to portray the story on the big screen.

Only one of us went into the movie blind, and we asked her afterwards what she thought. Without giving too much away she felt that they hype of the movie led her to think it would be much more graphic than it was. 

I think overall we all enjoyed the movie. It definitely concentrated more on the push/pull of their relationship and the nature of why Christian Grey became what he was. And that was just fine by us. Again, there are some things my eyes should just not see on a 25 foot screen. There was just enough naughty to make a point. 

Our friend who hadn't read the books had a ton of questions afterwards, and I think looking back the movie just touched the surface of introducing some of the other major characters of the book outside of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. I can see where if you hadn't read the story there might be a few holes in the plot for you. 

I think prior to the movie we had a hard time picturing the actors as the characters they were chosen for, but now seeing them play their roles, Jamie Dornan seemed to be almost spot on. Mr. Dornan might have just gained a few new fans. Just saying. 

With out spoiling the ending we were definitely left wanting more. The movie was fun, sexy, and dramatic - a "vanilla" version of the book, and we were glad we made it part of a fun girls night out. 

Now hopefully they will make the sequels so we have an excuse to plan a few more girls nights. 

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