Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: 10 Favorite Children's Valentine's Day Books

Hurray it's Friday! I don't know about you, but I am excited for a weekend of relaxing and just playing at home after such a busy week! Today for the Friday Favorites link up with the Momfessionals blog, we thought since Valentine's Day was only a little over a week away we would share our favorite children's Valentine's day books. 

Just as for each holiday so far (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), the Cute's have loved helping me compile a list of favorites and take their job seriously. 

Well, Cute takes his job seriously. Little Cute is just along for the photo session treat filled bribe ride.

The Cute's 10 Favorite Children's Valentine's Day Books

1: Where is Baby's Valentine? by Karen Katz. 
Karen Katz makes fabulous children's books and this one is Little Cute's favorite. The cover has a glittery heart (and what girl doesn't love sparkles?), and inside are fun lift the flaps. She loves the hide and seek factor as do most children in her age group. 

Cute loves the Splat series because he thinks Splat is "always doing trouble". The series has another Valentine's Day book called Love, Splat, but he prefers Funny Valentine because of the the lift the flaps feature. This story is based around Splat and his school mates and how they want to give their teacher a special Valentine. 

3: Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day is Cool by Kimberly and James Dean
This book is new to our collection this year and the Cutes love it. Pete the Cat and his little songs always crack them up (although this one is sans the song). Pete thinks Valentine's Day isn't his thing and then when he starts to realize how many special people he has in his life he starts to get excited about it. He makes special cards for everyone in his life. Slightly different from typical Pete stories, but when asked his favorites Cute ran right over with it. 

The Cutes asked their friend B (6 years old), what her favorite Valentine's Day book was and she said this one Amelia Bedelia one. (Side note: I remember reading these books when I was younger. How fun they are still popular!) B told us that Amelia loves school and loves Valentine's Day and then when she gets on the bus realizes she has forgotten Valentine's at home. B then told us "Amelia is okay because she use's her crafts to make new special ones". :)  

5. Snowy Valentine by David Petersen
I purchased this book for Cute for his first Valentine's Day. It is a super sweet story and has beautiful illustrations. The story is about a husband trying to find the perfect gift for his wife for Valentine's Day, but in the process realizes that Valentine's Day is less about gifts and more about love. The message is a little above Cute, but he brought it to the "favorite" pile anyway and said he like it "because the daddy bunny makes a heart, and he has to find an escape". Without giving spoilers, I laughed realizing what parts were important to him. :)

This book is also new to our collection this year and I am not surprised at all that Cute chose this as a favorite. It is so funny. The main character, Leon, has a crush on his friend Zoey. Leon's Valentine to Zoey comes to life and Leon and his friends chase it in an adventure around town. The story reminds me of a similar layout to the Ginger Bread Man, and the Valentine says some funny things. Perfect book for boys and girls and will definitely make them laugh. 

7. A Crankenstein Valentine by Samantha Berger
This is the Valentine's follow up to Crankenstein, which we loved. Cute thinks both books are hilarious. The main character is a cranky grouchy boy who definitely does not mind expressing his dislike for things. In the Valentine's book he finds someone just as cranky as him and then has a fun surprise. 

Wanting to give a well rounded list, the Cutes asked their media specialist relative what books would be great for girls who are reading chapter books. She was kind enough to give us #8 & #9 on this list. She said that the Junie B. Jones series is still popular, and checked out often.  The Valentine's Day story features Junie getting a valentine from a secret admirer and she is determined to find out who gave it to her. 

I wasn't surprised that Fancy Nancy was added to the list. In past interviews the Cute's friend told me all about her, and she seemed quite popular.  In this book Nancy and her friend Bree decide to play matchmaker for some people in their lives, but soon realize their plans aren't working as easily as they thought they would. 

This book was recommended to for the Cute's list to share by a friend with an older brother. The "My Weird School Series" is a favorite of C's and he thought this one was hilarious. C's mom told the Cute's to warn everyone that there is a little bit of potty humor involved, but very innocent and it kept her son, who isn't a big reader anymore, entertained and laughing. 

And there you have it...the Cute's favorite Valentine's Day books. Hope you and your little ones enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day with a good cuddle and fun story. We would love to hear if you have any favorites to add to the list!

Happy Friday everyone!
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  1. Such a great list! Thanks for sharing! We love Llama Llama Valentine too!

    1. Natasha thanks for stopping by! Love the Llama Llama series! Good choice!


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