Friday, February 20, 2015

Random Ramblings

Happy Friday! This week was our Winter Break at school, and boy did winter makes it's presence known. 

Last Saturday, forecasters were predicting that our area would be getting a snow/ice storm that would be impacting the entire metro Atlanta area. With last year's great snow debacle still fresh in everyone's minds, businesses and school systems (that weren't already on break) preemptively canceled operations for Monday. Fast forward to Monday and we have nothing. 

The storm system still looked like it was going to hit and every one decided school and businesses would shut down again on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday and this was our view...

Poor kids (and to be honest, parents)...they were so hyped for snow and it didn't look like it was in going to happen. It was cold and rainy and there wasn't a snow flake in sight. North of us, in more mountainous areas, they received ice, which is never any fun, but overall...whomp whomp. 

The Cutes and I enjoyed relaxing, snuggling up for movie time, and simply relished in the fact that we had no where to be. Little Cute, seemed to relapse from the bug she had last week, and luckily since we didn't have to worry about treacherous icy roads we were able to visit the pediatrician and get her something to finally kick it. 

Perfect timing too because on Wednesday everyone was back to normal business and around lunch time this is what it looked like outside...


I think I squealed in delight so loud I scared The Cutes. In true southern fashion, it lasted about five minutes and melted the moment it hit the ground, but for those few moments it was so fun to see The Cutes' faces light up. 

Speaking of the lingering stomach bug, I would be remiss if I didn't share with you guys my new favorite product. We've owned this Bissell Spot Clean for a few years, but never really had to use it. This being our first experience with the stomach bug, it definitely paid for itself this last week. It is easy, quick, and small. All a necessity when running around like a crazy person trying to clean any "accidents" before the next one occurred. 

Little Cute finally seemed to kick whatever she had, and was back to all smiles. To celebrate we did another snuggle all day pj day. No one was complaining. 

During all this cold weather, we were craving warm comfort food. I was a cooking and baking (and eating) machine. I had seen a Baked Potato Soup recipe on one of our favorite blogs and finally decided to try it. You guys, you have got to try it. It is sooooo good! Find the recipe HERE

By Thursday, temperatures were in the single digits and our little crew was going a little stir crazy. We must not have been the only ones because I received a text from Bestie L asking if we wanted to break out of the house and find somewhere to play. 

We let the kids pick and of course, Chuck E Cheese was the first thing out of their sweet little mouths.

The cold temperatures must have momentarily frozen our functioning brain cells because we agreed. But it was so much fun!! 

The kids always have a blast there, but it's usually a little chaotic keeping up with them all. However, today it was completely empty. Empty as in we were the only ones in the entire facility. Bestie L and I could relax at Chuckee. Wrap your brain around that phenomenon. 

 The kids LOVED it, and were spoiled rotten by the managers because they were given some extra tokens and a million extra tickets. The Cutes and friends couldn't have been more excited if they had gone to Disney. It was a win for all!

And thank goodness for that little outing because today forecasters are predicting more snow and ice to arrive later on today. Boo! As much as I love snuggling and lounging around the house with my little family, the Mamas have a fun girls night out planned this weekend and I do not want to miss it. There have even been rumors of throwing a shopping trip into the mix. Double boo!

I think I can collectively speak for most of America...bring on spring!! 

Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend! Anything fun going on? Cold/snow/ice (really just rain) party? 

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P.S. - I realized this week that the Ringling Brothers Legends show that we attended on Valentine's Day will be in Atlanta at a different venue starting Sunday for an entire week. If interested in going, I found a ticket discount available HERE. Enjoy!

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