Wednesday, February 25, 2015

School Delay turned Snow Day(s)

You know what's just unexpected day off from school!  Someone posted this on Instagram and I was cracking up. I personally LOVE having my kids at home for an unexpected day  off, but I know that not everyone feels the same way.  Although after yesterday evening and my kids at each other's throats, I can totally relate. ;-)

Monday night the weather forecasters were predicting we might get some snow or a "wintery mix" and I was hoping that would be the case.  I woke up bright and early and was checking all my important sources (you know, Twitter and Facebook) repeatedly, but nothing was coming through for me.  There is nothing worse that waking up your kids and then realizing that everyone could have slept a little longer.  Lots of other districts had delayed for 2 hours and lots of people on Facebook were talking about the bridges and roads that were icing over already.  I knew I wasn't going to stick my girls on the bus and had already decided to let them sleep a little longer so I could just drive them to school.  Just about the time I had given up the call was made to delay the start of school by 2 hours. Woo Hoo!!!  Texts were flying around with friends and neighbors and then I quickly got back in bed to sleep a little longer. Then the girls both woke up and and were SO excited to see the snow starting to stick outside.  As soon as Boo-Boo woke up, we got bundled up and went outside to play. 

Before I let anyone outside though, I tip-toed around the edge of the yard so I wouldn't make foot prints because I wanted a picture of our house in the snow!  

As soon as the kids went out they started running around, having snowball fights and just loving life. It was pure JOY and I loved watching them all have so much fun!!! 

After a quick time playing we went in to warm up and have breakfast and then I got the text that school was cancelled all day.  Wearing their PJ's inside out worked for us this time because we finally had an official SNOW DAY!!!   That meant heading back outside to play more before it all started to melt.  

Even Walker had fun in the snow!  He was running around, digging in it with this nose, and trying to eat the snowballs the kids were throwing. :-)  

Snow is such a novelty here, so any little bit causes great excitement. There is a lot more snow predicted for later today so school is out again today. From the amount of snow they are telling us we will get, I'll be surprised if they go back to school on Friday!

Thankfully, my kids were *pretty* good most of the day, but by evening they were needing some distraction so I pulled out the play dough (and the wine).  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I am not a huge fan of the mess of play dough, but they loved it and it kept everyone busy for over an hour.

I need to double check that I have enough wine because let's be honest...while I do love having my kids home, I'll also be needing a nice glass of wine.  Being stuck at home for a few days is nice, but after this big snow, I will be ready for spring!  
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