Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Southern Style Gender Reveal

My pregnancy with 3.0 has felt like a whirlwind. The first half has truly flown by. Now that I am in the honeymoon phase that is second trimester, we've been able to sit back and truly enjoy our little surprise.

Even though it feels like just yesterday when I was pregnant with Cute, a lot has changed in medical advances in such a short time. We actually had the benefit of finding out the gender of 3.0 pretty early on in the pregnancy. We weighed the decision of finding out or keeping it a surprise the entire time. I loved the idea of keeping our little surprise a surprise from the start of the pregnancy to the end, which totally goes against my personality.

We sat on the decision for a few weeks and then finally caved. We told our families right away, but couldn't decide if we should keep it a surprise from everyone else. In the end we realized this would be way too hard. I am pretty sure I let it slip at least once a day. 

We knew for almost six weeks before we decided to tell. Last Sunday we hosted our dinner club and a few of our close neighbor friends for a cookout and a little gender reveal fun.

We asked everyone to wear pink or blue to show their vote. Carrie Beth and her family were unanimous in their decision.

Just in case you didn't have a closet filled with pink or blue, I found this fun voting chart and these cute stickers for guests to join in the fun. We had planned a southern style meal to serve everyone and what is more southern for a theme than bows and bowties?

I loved it and played it up a bit, but I forgot to take any photos. Not a single one! My photography game is getting weak.

Some people forgot to vote, but it was fun for us to see all the guesses and people seemed to be split down the middle.

As for our own family, the votes rolled out as such:
Me - boy
Mr. Cute - girl
Cute - boy, preferably bigger than him and likes to play games
Little Cute - no preference, but would like to note she is now the middle child and demands deserves extra special attention over the upcoming months. Currency of choice - cookies.

We told people not to bring gifts and that we were keeping this really low key, but our sweet friends the G family, showed up with this HUGE gift basket. How adorable is it?!?

It was filled to the brim with some awesome board books, some fun boutique items, and some of our favorite baby essentials. Such a sweet gesture and definitely most appreciated!

It was so fun to catch up with our friends over appetizers and dinner. 

After dinner we took everyone outside into the yard for the reveal. I had scoured Pinterest, but couldn't find anything I really loved. Mr. Cute, being your typical hunting loving southern boy, wanted to do some sort of reveal with a bow and arrow - sorry, not going to happen. 

We decided to do something a little different. Our favorite holiday is Forth of July and I somehow found fun sparklers that show pink or blue sparkles when lit. It was perfect for us and I felt like such a fun summer thing for everyone to do. 

The kids thought this was so fun. We might have scared a few by doing it all at the same time, but I think a lot of people were surprised to see the end result. 


I don't think anyone was more shocked than I was when I found out. Based off my previous pregnancies I was for certain this was a boy, but just shows how each one is unique. 

We are beyond excited and can't for our little girl to join our family this winter. Now it's time to buy some coordinating Lilly outfits and start the nursery planning! :) 

Did you do anything special to reveal your baby's gender? Or were you able to keep it a secret? 

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  1. What a fun reveal!! I've seen a lot of gender reveal parties, but have never seen one with SPARKLERS!! What a great, exciting way to reveal. Congrats on your little girl :)

    1. Thank you! I know, we thought the sparklers were so different. I had no clue they made different colored ones until I saw it pop up on a wedding website.

    2. Love this idea! Where did you get the sparklers from?!

    3. Hi Jessica, I purchased them from this website. For girl I just chose the red ones. We told our guests that it would be blue for boy and red for girl, but they ended up looking pinkish anyways. :)

  2. This was such an awesome and unique way of doing it! Loved it!!

  3. I love this idea so much! Question - how did you know what color - did you tell a friend or did you know before hand? We would love to keep it a surprise for everyone, but not sure the best way to do this. Saw this on Pinterest and definitely want to do this! Thank you!

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