Monday, September 14, 2015

Currently Coveting: All Things Preppy & Personalized

Being true southern ladies, we are no strangers to a good monogram. Those of you that have been long time readers know that we live and die by the philosophy "Monogram Everything!". From our homes to our attire to our children straight from the womb - we personalize everything. 

Our sweet and adorable monogram loving friend Julie co-owns the cutest online boutique Preppy & Personalized, and we are truly smitten with everything on the website. Seriously. Every. Single. Thing. 

I met Julie years ago when our oldest were just tiny themselves.  She was a friend of a friend, that I happen to run into in Chick-fil-a one day and the rest was history.  Her children are darling and I love keeping up with her family across state lines.  She's as southern as they come and I'm constantly coveting all of the wonderful monogrammed and personalized items she helps create!  

Preppy & Personalized offers tons of wonderful preppy personalized products and boutique items. Some are seasonal and some are always in stock. From home decor to jewelry and children's clothing, we are always able to find a little something to satisfy our monogram obsession and it has become our one stop spot for gifts.  We also love each week P&P hosts a fun spotlight sale, which includes some fabulous items for free shipping. 

As official monogram-aholics we wish we could just pick up the entire boutique and bring it home with us, but for now we will settle for sharing our absolute must have favorites...


Monogrammed Jewelry
We all know that "arm candy" is on trend right now and stacking bracelets and watches is a trendy way to accessorize. I'm loving these Leather Bracelets with Engraved Disks and feel like they are super hip.

I also adore these Engraved Stone Bracelet Bangle Sets.  Not only would I love this for myself, but I'm sure just about any lady in your life would love it, as well.  These would make amazing gifts for teachers, sister, moms or best friends!

Unfinished Script Wood Monogram 
These wood monograms are something that have been on my wish-list since last Christmas.  I didn't receive one last year, so I'm hoping my wish will come true this year.  I just love the versatility of these monograms.  With a can of spray paint, you can transform it into any color you please and put it just about anywhere you please.  I've fallen in love with some on my friends' front doors and I've also loved seeing them mounted on a canvas and hanging inside a home.

Monogrammed Note Cards 
I love a good hand written thank you note and it is a lost art I'm trying hard to teach my own children about.  Nothing means more than receiving a heartfelt thank you from someone and having it arriving on pretty paper is just an added touch.

Monogrammed Classic Crossbody 
I love a good mom bag.  In fact, I don't know how I would ever carry a small bag with my kids in tow. However, for those times when they aren't around like a date night or girls night out, or when I just want to have my hands free, I would LOVE a simple and light-weight cross body like this one.  It would be nice to not feel so weighed down with so much stuff and to just be able to carry essentials in a cute monogrammed bag!


Door Decor
I have been eyeing these magnetic metal monograms and door hangers of theirs FOREVER! They are simply darling and I love that they offer so many different door hanger options for each season so you can just change out your monogram so that your front door always has that personalized southern touch. 

As you guys know, we recently adopted Miss Maddie. She is still a puppy so I have held off ordering her a special collar until I know she is a little bigger. I purchased her a generic tag from the pet store, now she will have a fancy new one on the way. How cute are these gingham pet tags?!? I swooned over the gingham and the anchor ones.

It's no secret that we love to travel. I am always at a loss for what the best way is to track our travels and store our memories. How adorable is this Personalized Family Map Canvas of the United States? It comes with a star on your home state and red travel markers to check off where you have been as a family. I love this idea and that I am able to hang it in my home for the littles to see and enjoy. 

Personalized Rain Gear
Stop it! Monogrammed rain coats? Yes, please! It is about to be the rainy season here in GA and through winter we rarely wear our heavy winter gear. These monogrammed light weight rain pullovers will be perfect for The Cutes. I also love there is a mommy version so that we can coordinate!

P&P always has a ton of fun personalized jewelry to drool over, but the one item that I moved instantly to the top of my covet list is this Bar Coordinates Necklace. Not only is it simply darling, but I am over the moon with all the possibilities of how you can style and personalize it. I love the idea of choosing the coordinates for where Mr. Cute and met and later married. It's such a fun way to have that special place in our hearts immortalized and be able to pass down to my girls one day. 

What preppy things are you currently coveting? 

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