Monday, September 28, 2015

Key West Getaway

Last week was Fall Break for our kids and although most of our friends were headed out of town on family vacations to Disney and similar places, the Mr. and I had an adult only vacation planned.  I did feel guilty about leaving the kids at home, but I knew they would be having lots of fun with grandparents so I tried to put my guilt aside and enjoy the alone time.

We did all of the touristy things like visiting the Southern Most Point, strolling down Duval Street, eating key lime pie and seeing the roosters all over town.

Our first night in town we stayed at the Casa Marina resort.  They boast an "Old Key West ambiance and a contemporary luxury" and I couldn't agree more.

The historical feel to the lobby area and main part of the hotel were so interesting to see and the courtyard, pool and beach area were amazing.  Where else can you see sandcastles like these?!?!

Or gorgeous, luxurious areas to relax?  And when we were spending time by the pool they were passing fresh watermelon and offering samples of their signature drink of the day.

The rest of the week we spent at a house right in the heart of Old Key West.  We could walk to the marina, walk to restaurants, and walk to Duval Street.  It had a tropical feel and was perfect for a group of friends to share.

We were lucky enough to be with some fun friends on this trip and we also had access to a private boat which really made our trip lots of fun.  We had gorgeous views over the water, saw lots of sea life like manatees, dolphins, sea turtles and fish, and the guys caught enough lobster for us to bring some home to enjoy.

One rainy day we came back off the boat early which meant the girls got some time to go shopping.  We all found souvenirs for our kids and then the Lilly store was calling my name.

I was excited to FINALLY get a romper I've been eying all summer long.  I wore it that night and knew my purchase was a well thought out one. I love it!
This trip really was a once in a life-time kind of thing.  We were pampered, enjoyed delicious meals (more on that tomorrow), saw amazing views and had so much fun.

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