Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!

It's finally September and y'all know that down south that means football season is here.  Time for tailgating, friendly rivalries, wearing our red & black, and spending Saturdays cheering our teams on to victory.  It's no secret we love our Georgia Bulldogs and I've been waiting for weeks to pull out my burlap football door hangers and UGA garden flag.

I made the door hangers last year and shared the tutorial HERE.  It's a pretty simple project, even thought it takes some time between steps for the painting to dry, etc..  I had these in our Etsy shop for a while, but they are no longer there.  Y'all are in luck though. I have one of these done and ready to personalize for anyone that might want to purchase it.  I can add any team's name, colors and coordinating ribbons.  The cost is $30 shipped, so just email me at if you would like one of these cute door hangers of your own.  :-)

While we are excited to watch the Dawgs this weekend, our fall football really kicked off last weekend.  Little Mama is cheering for our Jr. Raider program again this year (her 3rd year) and loves it.  At the first home opener for the Varsity game they let all of the Jr. Raider football players and cheerleaders come onto the field to help form the tunnel for the Varsity players and she was SO excited.

She had such a fun time being on the field and seeing all of the excitement that went into that game.  Bright and early the next morning we were back there so she could cheer for her first game.  Their team is made up of some really talented players and her squad cheered them onto a BIG victory.

It will be a fun season with this team and we will certainly have our fill of football this fall, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

We'd love to know what teams you are cheering for this year?  Any other Dawg fans out there?  SEC or ACC fans???  Who do y'all love?!?!

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  1. OOH I lOVE those burlap footballs. I may have to give them a try. WE LOVE football in this house. My hubs is a Virginia Tech alum so that's who we "cheer" for. But they aren't always that exciting to watch. I really enjoy watching SEC teams play. :) (I like to pretend I live further south than I do!)


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