Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY Giant Jenga {tutorial}

Last month when we were in Florida for my friend's 40th birthday bash they had a giant Jenga game out and we played it all night long.  We played it on both on the beach and on the deck and it was so much fun to have everyone gathered around for a game like this.  Because it was so big you didn't have to worry about limiting players...everyone who wanted a turn to play could.

After we got back home the Mr. decided he wanted to build us one of our own.  I'm so lucky to have such a handy husband.  I figured we have had so much fun with this game that others might want to make one themselves, too!

First, you will need several 2x4s (depending on what length you buy) and using a circular saw cut them into 10 1/2 inch pieces.  You will need 54 pieces total.

After cutting all of the pieces the ends will most likely will be ragged and rough making splinters a very big possibility.

Next, using an electrical sander, sand all ends and edges until smooth.

It's a tedious but important step to make the game safe and enjoyable!  After sanding the edges and ends will be nice and smooth.

We keep our game in a large plastic bin.  The pieces have to be stacked and packed just right to make them fit, but it is the perfect way to store and transport it.

This game is so much fun for all ages.  When we decided to build one of our own we kind of had imagined it would be more of an adult game, but kids love it, too!   We took it to our dinner club a few weeks ago for the adults to play outdoors, but it ended up raining so we set it up inside and the kids took over and wanted to play!  I was kind of shocked by how well they did playing it and how careful they were to not knock it over.

If you allow kids to play it younger ones will definitely need adult supervision.  When the towers falls over it does so with a big bang and anyone standing in it's way could definitely get hurt so making sure everyone keeps their distance is important.

I see us playing this game all of the time!  It's perfect for tailgates, cookouts, parties or even family game night.  

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