Friday, October 23, 2015

Savvy & Sassy in Sin City {Part 2}

 If you missed the first part of our Las Vegas trip recap yesterday, click HERE.

After going to bed so late on Friday night (although early by Vegas standards) we were both super excited to be able to sleep in on Saturday morning.  Because of the time zone changes neither of us made it past the time we had planned on, but we were excited about starting our day!

After getting dressed and grabbing a quick breakfast, we made our way to explore some of the main attractions and sights of the city.

First up though we had an appointment with one of our favorite brands, American Girl!!!  We were so excited to meet with them and be able to attend the grand opening of their Las Vegas temporary store.  For now this is a temporary location open for the holidays, but if the interest we saw is any indication, we have a strong feeling they will be there to stay!

I think we take for granted that we have a huge American Girl Boutique and Bistro so close to us here in Atlanta, but the moms and little girls of Las Vegas (as well as all of the tourist) were thrilled to be able to see the dolls and all of the accessories up close and personal.  This store carried all of the dolls, a lot of the new holiday line, and many of the "extras" that go along with them.

They also had a mini doll salon where girls were lining up to have their doll's hair fixed into a stylish look.

The holiday line and wardrobe for the dolls is adorable and makes us so excited for the upcoming season.  My girls have been scouring the catalog since it arrived at our house a few weeks ago so I recognized a lot of these outfits!

After chatting with the manager she also shared with us the two most popular dolls right now are Grace, the Girl of the Year and the newest Beforever time period doll, Maryellen.


We loved everything we saw there and left with a few little surprises.  Stay tuned the next few weeks to see what exciting things we might have in our bag!  (Wink, wink.)

After leaving American Girl stopped along the way back to our hotel to be total tourists.  The last time we were in Vegas was 10 years ago so we wanted to take advantage of seeing the amazing hotels and beautiful sights.

First up was the Wynn...probably our very favorite hotel of all.  It's just so dang pretty!  I mean, the outside is gorgeous, but it is nothing compared to when you step through the doors.  

I love that every hotel here has a "theme" and I guess this one is just all about color, flowers, and beauty.  The courtyard area is overflowing with gorgeous flowers and it looks like something out of a storybook.  This carousel really moved and was made completely out of flowers!

The lights and the hanging flowers everywhere were beyond gorgeous and it felt like an enchanted forest.  

Everywhere you turn there were bright colors and amazing details.  We could not get enough!

Our next stop was the Venetian.  This iconic hotel was a must-see for it's beautiful architecture that makes you feel just like you are in Italy.

With all the walking we had been doing we had worked up quite the appetite so we decided to stop for the famous gelato just inside the Venetian.  

It was hard to decide, but I went with the pink grapefruit flavor and Jen had coconut.  It was really delicious, but so rich that we couldn't finish and I am never one to throw away dessert.  (Note- please notice our matching nail color...totally not planned, but so fun that we picked the same exact color of our trip!) 

After feeling refreshed and refueled after our gelato we decided to do a total tourist activity and ride the gondola at the Venetian.  We had originally wanted to do the inside ride, but the wait was over an hour for that, so we just decided to do the outdoor ride instead.  

Our sweet and talented gondolier even sang to us during our ride.  She was so talented and funny, and made the entire experiences that much more fun!

We finally made our way back to the SLS hotel where the rest of our Savvy Sassy Moms group was already hanging by the pool.  We quickly changed into our swimsuits and joined them for an afternoon of fun music and lots of girl talk.

Time flies when you are having fun and next thing we knew it was time to get dressed and ready for dinner that night.  We had reservations at Searsucker in Caesars Palace, but pre-dinner we had a drinks at Trevi Las Vegas while waiting for our reservation time.

Dinner was great after such a busy day and from there we said goodbye to half of our group.  

They were off to find some dancing for the evening and if we had not had a semi-earlish flight we might have joined them (because we are never ones to pass up an opportunity to dance), but the time zone change was getting the best of us so we went with some of our new friends (Lindsay & Sara) next door to the Bellagio to watch their famed water fountain show.  

I remember from years ago it being one of my very favorite things.  The water literally dances to the music and it is so fun to watch.

After that we tucked back in at our hotel ready for our last night of uninterrupted sleep.  Sunday morning we packed our things and found a fast spot for breakfast at Northside Cafe inside SLS.  We knew we'd love this place as soon as we walked up after seeing that they decorated with mason jars.  I mean, it felt like we had a little bit of home with us right here after seeing all of those colorful jars!

After breakfast and packing up our things, our friend, Sara, rode with us to the airport where we enjoyed one last meal together before saying goodbye and hopping on our flight back home.  

It truly was such an amazing weekend for us.  We connected with some amazing women, learned so much, became inspired by the success of others and were encouraged to keep doing what we are doing.  So many people don't understand this whole blogging world, but we love it and love where Magnolia Mamas is going.  We can't thank y'all enough for reading along each day and for being a part of the fun we are having!  
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