Thursday, October 22, 2015

Savvy & Sassy in Sin City {Part 1}

If you follow us on Instagram, or caught the post on Friday, you saw that we spent our weekend in Las Vegas! For almost a year we have been working with the fabulous ladies at Savvy Sassy Moms, and this weekend we were so excited to finally give big southern style hugs to these women that we have spoken with almost daily. It was such a fun experience and we learned so much in just a short time. We met some new fabulous faces along the way and maybe made a touristy pit stop or two along the journey. To say it was a weekend we will remember and appreciate for awhile is an understatement.

We left bright and early Friday morning. Both of us up before 5:30a.m. to make our 10:30a.m. flight. We were so excited though I don't think it mattered one bit. This was the first time ever we had taken a trip by ourselves together. Can you believe that?!?

Much to our husbands surprise we managed to navigate through Atlanta, and the airport without one single snag. We had time to grab one last Chick-fil-a biscuit for breakfast and enjoy sitting and chatting before our flight. Then just as we were about to board, the wonderful Southwest announcer informed us that our flight would be delayed almost an hour and a half. I don't even think it phased us one bit!

 The flight lasted about 4 hours and then we landed in rainy Las Vegas. :) Who knew it rained in the desert?  It was only for a quick second though. We didn't get to sit near one another on the plane, but we both had wonderful experiences with our aisle companions and we were super excited that we received seriously awesome snacks on the flight. No joke - we've been on a lot of flights but the Southwest snacks have been the best so far! :)


After waiting for a cab at the airport in the ridiculously long line (not long in terms of waiting, just long in terms how far they made you walk!), we made our way to our hotel. I wish we had taken pictures at this point because the people watching was on point! We saw a man with a light up hat that could only be described as Jimmy Buffets dreams perfectly played out on his head (complete with light up hammock hanging off the back), and several Vegas travelers dressed to impress in the latest crop top club attire straight off the jetway. It. Was. Awesome. 

We were staying at the SLS Las Vegas, and it was such a cute and sassy little hotel. Perfect for a girls weekend away. 

There were cool chandeliers and mirrors every where you turned!

Our room was a double on the 7th floor and it was so cute. 

Everything was quite contemporary and modern, even down to the way you opened the bathroom doors or turned on lights. It took us a moment to figure out where to find everything, but it was super neat.

This is where you don't judge a hotel by it's hallway. We felt like we were walking into a horror movie. 

By the time we got settled it was about 3:30p.m. EST and we were starving! We dropped our bags and literally went in search of the closest restaurant. As we were headed down to the lobby we received a text that some of the other girls were enjoying a cocktail and some pizza at one of the onsite restaurants 800 Degrees

It was such a fun pizza place where you can pick and choose exactly what you want, and it is made in just 60 seconds in their 800 degree oven. We split a personal white pizza topped with chicken and meatball and it was yummy!

The original plans had us scheduled for a pool side cabana on this day as kind of a "meet and greet" opportunity for everyone. The rain kind of deterred that, but since it felt so good outside and the rain had stopped we headed poolside anyway, and enjoyed getting to know one another. As we sat there more and more girls arrived and it was so fun to finally put faces with names!

From left to right: CB, Kris, Lindsey, Angela, Katie, Sara, Andrea, and Jen

And we figured out quickly that these girls were definitely our kind of people! ;)

Each one of us is so unique and comes from a different place in the world, but we realized we have so much in common and we just knew we would have a fabulous time over the course of the weekend together!

After spending a few hours poolside we all headed up to our rooms to rest for awhile and prep for a big dinner. Dinner reservations were set for 9:30p.m. so those of us traveling from the East Coast were eating dinner at 12:30a.m.! 

We relaxed in the room too scared to actually fall asleep in fear of not being able to get the energy to wake back up (which totally happened to a few of the girls!). We had so much fun primping together and getting dressed up for the night. 

We met some of the ladies for cocktails at The Monkey Bar and it was aptly named based off the theme. I enjoyed a lovely caffeinated beverage while Carrie Beth sipped on what would become the drink of the weekend...The White Peach Margarita. I was told it was quite yummy. ;) 

Our super sweet hosts not only shared some seriously awesome laughs with us, but also these sweet gifts.

Bark Thins people! Coconut Bark Thins! They know the way to this preggos heart.

Dinner was scheduled for another onsite restaurant - Cleo. It was so pretty!! The photos we took can not do it justice. The theme of chandeliers and mirrors continued and it was such a pretty sparkly sight for sore tired eyes.

Cleo served a tapas style menu, and dishes were brought out on what could only be described as our southern grandmothers fine china. Each one was a different pattern, but it definitely reminded us of home. In fact, there were a few southern touches thrown in here and there all weekend that we can't quite help but think that life in the south just simply rocks!

 After dinner, our fearless leader Andrea informed us that we had free VIP tickets and drinks at one of the onsite clubs. We popped in for a bit and it was definitely hopping. They gave everyone the choice of free champagne or cocktails and most of the girls chose a nice glass of the bubbly champagne.

At this time it was about midnight Vegas time, and things were still a little slow inside. We had plenty of room to people watch, but it was so loud we couldn't hear each other speak. Several people in charge of catering to our group came up to ask us questions, but we couldn't hear them nor could they hear our response. Yikes! Who knows what they thought we all said.

 Carrie Beth and I lasted for about 20 minutes total and then we wished the other ladies good night. It was well past our bedtime and we knew we had another long fun day ahead of us for the following. Plus, while this pregnant lady can definitely bust a move or me when I say no one in Vegas wanted to see a fully covered six month pregnant lady dancing to house music along side one of the exotic cage dancers that were staged around the club.  Between that and packing a tankini for the trip Vegas might have kicked me out right then and there.

We tucked our selves in to our super modern room and day one was officially a wrap! Carrie Beth will share more of our fun weekend tomorrow so stay tuned.

Viva Las Vegas!

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