Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Movies

I have been having so much fun getting in the Halloween spirit with The Cutes this year. They have been loving everything Halloween. From decorating the house, to hosting spooky playdates, to running around practicing in their costumes - they love it all! Seeing them get into it has made me even more excited for Halloween than I typically would be.

One of our favorite things lately has been having Halloween movie night. This week so far we have participated in it almost every night. We took a brief break last Friday to watch my all time favorite childhood movie growing up - Aladdin!!

But maybe it somewhat counts as a Halloween movie since I dressed up as Jasmine three years in a row as a child. Don't you wish you could see those throwback photos? #notgonnahappen

One that has been on repeat, at Little Cute's request, has been Mickey's Treat.

She is Mickey obsessed right now and will sing one of the songs all day long. "It's Pete's! BOO!" is heard more often than we would probably like. Since it is a quick little show, we've had Mickey's Treat in our car to watch on some of our longer weekend car rides.

To get in the upcoming Peanuts movie spirit we introduced The Cutes to the whole Peanuts gang with the old school It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. It's classic Peanuts and the kids love watching it.

We've snuggled in quite a few nights so far on the basement couch with our popcorn getting some good giggles in about "that silly Snoopy dog".

Cute was able to enjoy a special viewing sans Little Cute when we snuggled in for Hotel Transylvania. We thought it might be a little above her head and a little long for her. So we did a special popcorn and movie night with just our big boy.

He loved the special attention and thought the movie was hilarious. In fact, we all did! It has just enough sneaky "adult humor" that I found myself laughing just as hard. We keep meaning to pop in to see the sequel that is in theaters now, but haven't made it just yet. Has anyone seen it?

On Instagram someone posted they were doing a movie night with their littles to watch Hocus Pocus. Oh my - I used to love watching that movie during Halloween. I know The Cutes are too little watch that right now, but I can't wait to share in that experience with them in a few years. I haven't seen it in forever, but remember loving it!

We still have a few more nights to enjoy some Halloween movie fun. Do you have any suggestions on how we should close out our Halloween movie extravaganza?

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