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Book Club: June

Happy June y'all! June is one of our favorite months because it means Summer is here and ready to be in full swing. Summer travel. Summer sleeping in. Summer nights with friends. Summer is just plain FUN. 

Summer also means more free time to read. Sort of. Long gone are the leisurely days of heading off to the beach or pool with not a care in the world and a book in hand. But we wouldn't trade it for the world. So our days are spent splashing along side our littles and our nights are spent lounging porch side catching up on the latest books in our pile. 

Today's book club is jam packed with some goodness. First, we are sharing what we read last month, and then we are so excited to share with you a little something different. We are giving you a little insider information on this Summer's hottest books. We were given a little sneak peek at what's coming out this Summer, and can't wait to share our favorites with you. From beach reads to thrilling page turners, trust us when we say you will want to leave some extra room in your suitcase or beach bag when you travel this summer to pack one of these sizzling reads.

Grab your wine and here we go!


Last month we shared our pick was Friendship Matters, a fun look at the importance of friendship as told through personal account of two best friends and psychologists. 

We loved digging into the 60 year long friendship of this duo and appreciated their witty banter back and forth through out the memoir. We enjoyed their honesty through tales of both ease of times and during disagreements. 

If you are looking for a quick read on friendship or seeking how to make your current connections be a little more deeper for sustaining life long friendships this is a great book. It's short, sweet, and covers easy to read topics.

Great friends are one of the best things you can encounter in life and we highly encourage it!


I started reading One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid and although I haven't had time to finish it yet, I'm loving it so far.  

It's about a girl who married her high school sweet heart and built a life for themselves, seizing every opportunity for adventure and living life to the fullest.  Then, the helicopter her husband is on went missing and he was never to be heard from again.  Years later she is puts her life back together and is engaged to be married to a man who helped her find her second chance at true happiness.  Out of the blue she gets a call that her husband has been found and is alive and learn he has been trying to come home to hear all these years.  

I'm still working on this one, so stay tuned for my full review when I'm finished, but it is a page turner and a great book so far!  


So excited Carrie Beth is digging into One True Loves! It has been one of my favorites I read this year (review) and already have another novel of hers ready to go for Summer! 

Aside from our Book Club pick, I sneaked through one other book. May offered very little free time, and I ended up binge watching shows more than I read. Now it's summer though - so game on!

The one book I read was Miramar Bay by Davis Bunn. 

It was another one I chose because of how pretty the cover was. The story followed Conner, a hollywood bad boy, and Sylvie, a small town restaurant owner with a rough family life history. Once their paths cross it's instant connection, but each have their own set of circumstances preventing them from their dreams. 

Throw in a reality tv show, a broken wedding, and a drug arrest and you have the makings for an interesting book. I enjoyed the book overall. It was a fast read, and while a little unbelievable in that you never really "feel" the connection (you are just told about it), I liked how it ended. 


8 Must Read Books for Summer 2017. Great book suggestions for vacation reading.

Sunshine Mackenzie wakes up on her birthday to the biggest surprise of all - and not the good kind. An up and coming celebrity chef finds her world turned upside down, and her perfect life becomes not so perfect in this interesting tale of love, social media, and the price of insta-fame. Filled with similar humor, and wit, Hello, Sunshine is sure to be just as big a hit as Dave's previous novel Eight Hundred Grapes.

Kevin Kwan's third novel depicting Singapore's favorite crazy rich family (emphasis on the crazy). Following Crazy Rich Asians, and China Rich Girlfriend, Kwan introduces Rich People ProblemsWhen word spreads that the family matriarch, Su Yi, is ill, the entire clan closes in on her famous estate. Family jewels, large sums of money, and coveted real estate - who will inherit all? The question everyone wants an answer to sets the stage for a hilarious look at high society drama. Throw in a few family secrets, a surprise engagement, and a crazy family member (or ten) and you have the makings of the perfect summer novel. 

(We loved the previous novels in this series and can't wait for the movie to come out soon. Our suggestion is to read the first two novels first so that you can catch up on all the fun drama.)

Sykes and Piazza wowed us last year with their fun novel The Knockoff (Carrie Beth's review & Jen's review)and we can't wait to dive in to their newest collaboration - Fitness Junkie. Janey Sweet is the CEO of an exclusive wedding dress company that she runs with her best friend Beau. Life hasn't been so smooth for Janey over the last year, and the last straw is when her bestie/business partner gives her an ultimatum over brunch - lose 30 pounds or lose your job. Janey throws herself into the world of fitness and tries anything and everything available to not lose her job or her best friend. Clay diets, secret workouts filled with celebrities, and even naked yoga - follow Janey's hilarious journey into the latest the health and wellness has to offer.

Elin Hildebrand is one of the queen's of summer beach reads and this Summer she has one of her best yet coming out.  The Identicals follows the tale of two identical twin sisters who couldn't be any more different in real life. One lives on Nantucket and one lives on the family home in Martha's Vineyard. After scandals, heartaches, and money troubles plague the two sisters they decide to switch islands only to realize they can't outrun their problems or settle their differences. See if the sisters are able to bury their old resentments and start fresh in Hilderbrand's latest soon to be summer hit. 

Dorthea Frank always takes us to the beautiful low country of South Carolina and her latest book Same Beach Next Year follows two couples on their vacation to Isle of Palms. Old flames run into each other on the beautiful island and learn the attraction is still alive, much to their respective spouses dismay. Each couple forms a bond over that first summer, and a life long friendship begins that survives heartbreak and tragedy over the course of 20 years. Follow the journey and enjoy a little low country love this summer!

Last year we were all mesmerized with Paula Hawkins thriller Girl on the Train. This summer be prepared to live on the edge of your beach seat as you dive into her latest suspense novel - Into the Water. After a mother finds her death into the tragic rivers of the town a teenage daughter is left to find her way, and a sister is forced to return to the town she vowed she would never return to. The past comes rushing forward, and secrets emerge this is sure to be another thrilling novel people will be talking about this summer. 

Taylor Jenkins Reid is a little gem we stumbled upon earlier this year, and we are excited for her latest novel The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Monique is magazine writer who is shocked one day to realize she's been commissioned by the great hollywood starlet Evelyn Hugo to write her biography. Evelyn is ready to release the details of her scandalous personal life and career, and as past catches up with present Monique is a little more involved than she realizes. Old Hollywood glamour and hidden secrets mixed with Reid's amazing story telling style will make for a novel you'll have to pack SPF for.

No one does mystery and thrillers like James Patterson. His Women's Murder Club series is never a disappointment when it comes to thrilling page turners. In 16th Seduction we follow detective Lindsay Boxer in her toughest case yet. Battling both professional and personal drama, Lindsay and her husband are forced to put aside their differences when the case takes a turn a little too close to home. This emotional and suspense filled novel will have you thankful for lazy vacation mornings after staying up all night with this can't put down novel. 

And there you have it - our picks for Summer! We can't wait to dig in. 

What will be first up on your list? 

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