Monday, September 29, 2014

Boo Y'all {Footprint Ghosts Kids Craft}

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  We had family in town visiting, which was so much fun and it really had cooled off and started feeling like Fall, so we spent lots of time outdoors this weekend.  Now that it is feeling a little cooler, I spent some time getting the indoor Halloween and Fall decorations up in my house.  I'll share all of them later this week, but today I have a fun project to share.  I wanted a little canvas to use on one of my cabinets and loved this idea I came across to make footprint ghosts.  

It was such a quick and simple little project.  I picked up the canvas and acrylic paint supplies at Michael's last week.  

Next I let the kids help me paint the entire thing black.  It took a few coats to keep from seeing any streaks in the paint.  After that dried overnight I then I had the kids sit down and one at a time I painted one of their feet to make a footprint on the canvas.

I had baby wipes and paper towels right beside me so that I could quickly clean the paint off their feet before there were any accidents with the paint.

Lastly, I just used a black paint pen to make the eyes and mouth for each ghost and added lettering and a little boarder with my white paint pen.

Seriously the easiest project ever and I think it turned out so cute!  The kids love seeing it and show it off to everyone who comes over. :-)  I know I'll love pulling this out year after year to use as part of my decorations, especially when those cute little feet aren't so little anymore.

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