Friday, September 5, 2014

Random Ramblings

As I was sleepily climbing into bed last night and a very early hour (compared to my normal night-owl hours) all I could think about is how I can't wait for summer.  Yes, we just started back to school a month ago, but I'm already counting down the days until summer (or at least fall break) so that we can slow down a bit.  I love our summers.  My kids stay up late, they sleep late, and we aren't rushing around like crazies.  The school year, however, is a different story.  Between bright and early wake-up times, extra curricular activities, homework, homework, homework (did I mention homework), volunteering in all three kids' classes, trying to keep up with our new house, and all of the other everyday stuff I feel like I'm running ragged and spread too thin.  However, as much as I am NOT a morning person, I am enjoying the extra hours in my day.  I also love my time spent at home with Little Boo-Boo while the girls are at school. He is so funny, so sweet, and so happy all of the time.  He loves playing hide-n-seek each morning while I'm trying to get ready and his hiding places crack me up.

You know school is in full swing when each afternoon we spent a big part of our afternoons on homework.  At least some of it is fun.  One night the Little Mama's homework was to "teach" a math strategy to a parent or friend.  She decided to set up school for the little ones and went into full blown teacher mode. She is undeniably the oldest child and totally reminds me of myself as a child. 

A good bit of their homework is done on the computer through reading programs or through interactive learning games focusing on spelling or specific math strategies.  I wish they could just play and have fun when they get home from school, but at least this way it makes it fun for them.  

Last week Jen and I met for a quick lunch at none other than Chick-fil-a.  I mean, do moms actually get to eat anywhere else?  I know for us a playground to entertain the kids is a number one requirement and food is a close second.  Anyway, on this day her Little Cute needed to be rescued from the slide she was climbing up before getting trampled by bigger kids.  That meant Jen had to climb up the slide after her and I was left cracking up at the whole scene because not so long ago, I was the mom climbing up the slide after my busy crawler.  We will miss these days when our kids are grown and too old for the Chick-fil-a playgrounds so now we just laugh at these kinds of situations.  :-)

We stuck around a little longer to let the kids play so that Jen and I could hold a Magnolia Mama brainstorming session.  On the playground.  On the slide so we could block Little Cute from climbing up.  This is real life, folks!

I have been getting ready for kids consignment season around here, but before tagging everything I posted a bunch of clothes, shoes and toys our local Mom's Facebook group.  It's kind of like Craigslist for Moms that just live in my little community.  I wasn't sure at first quite how things would work, but oh my goodness.  I have had so much fun and so many laughs throughout this whole process.  It's like an underground kid clothing mafia or something.  My friend, E, and I are both scouring our houses to see what else we can sell.  A lot of people meet at the same regular spots to make their transactions and the Target parking lot seems to be the most popular.  Every time I am there (whether I am visiting Target or meeting someone who is buying my stuff) I see at least 2-3 other transactions taking place.  This one took the cake.  I was actually on the phone with Jen when I pulled up and started laughing because there were 3 other moms there meeting and selling.  But then, when I saw this lady get out of her van, I hung up immediately so I could secretly take a picture.

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like.  A mom, fresh out of the shower, towel still on her head, probably buying or selling a pair of kids shoes for $3.  It made my day!

A few nights ago on the way home from the girls cheer practice we were all having so much fun in the car. Dancing, singing, and just loving life.  I snapped a quick picture when we got in the driveway because I want to remember this phase.  They are growing up so quick and I feel like I blink and they are older and wiser.  I feel like I'm at a really great place with my kids.  They all get along (most of the time), they can all communicate their needs (most of the time), and they all are sweet as can be (most of the time.) 

And then, yesterday happened.  Hudson got sick in his car seat (although he isn't sick and just did this weird gagging thing he does occasionally).  I knew that meant I had do do the one task that I just can't stand as a mom...taking apart and washing the car seat cover.  I just wish the car seat companies could make it a little easier.  I know once I got the thing off it would be like a puzzle trying to get it back together.  It was long overdue for a good cleaning though and I was pretty disgusted at all of the snacks and stuff that had collected since the last cleaning.  Boo-Boo was fascinated and so proud of all the things he found, especially the penny that he got to add to his piggy bank!

And lastly, with fall wardrobe planning in full effect because consignment sale season happening, I was happy to score a few fun finds for the girls yesterday.  I love, love, love shopping these sales and the thrill of the hunt is so addictive.  Also, not having to pay full price for boutique and name-brand clothes is pretty awesome, too.  I sell the things my kids have outgrown, so I feel like it's a cycle that allows me to keep purchasing new things for them.  It will be a while before we get to wear a lot of this stuff just because it stays hot until at least the middle of October here, but at least their closets will be rockin' when the time does come!

That's all of my random ramblings for now.  Don't forget to enter our giveaway for the Burlap Football Door Hanger HERE and if you want to keep up with us and see what we might be up to this weekend, be sure to follow us on Instagram {themagnoliamamas} and let us know so we can follow you, too!  We hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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