Thursday, September 25, 2014

Burlap Pumpkin Door Hangers

I ran into Michael's today to grab a few things and somehow ended up at home with this...

... lots and lots of fun Halloween themed ribbon (and this isn't even all of it!).  Did I need more Halloween ribbon... um, no.  Do I already have a lot of orange and black ribbons in my stash...yes.  After getting all of this home I came to the swift realization that I might just be obsessed with ribbon.  I will totally own it though and while I might return some tomorrow, I put a lot of it to work today.  First up was my new front door decor.

I know some people have had their fall decor up since Sept. 1, but I like to wait until the official start of fall to start putting mine out.  I have been working on my new burlap pumpkin hangers for a week or so and was determined to get them completed today.

I followed the same tutorial directions I used for my footballs (click HERE to read how to make them) and just changed up the shape/design to fit for fall.   I knew I wanted pumpkins, but went back and forth on the wording to put on the pumpkins. I was debating between a few, but ultimately ended up going with a simple single monogram so that I could use these pumpkins through Thanksgiving.

Note - One thing I did differently this time was that I spray painted the base coat instead of brushing it on.  It was definitely quicker to do it this way, but I think I like the coverage and finish better when I brushed on the base coat of the footballs.

For now I'm using Halloween themed ribbons, but I'm planning to switch them out after Trick-or-Treating so these pumpkins can carry me all the way through November.  

Along with my front door pumpkins I also put out my new Halloween mini-flag that, along with all of that ribbon, mysteriously found its way into my cart at Michael's today.  I accented it with some fun coordinating ribbons.

I switched out my UGA red pillows for orange ones I scored on clearance at Michael's a few months ago, but left the black swirls. I was worried the patterns together might be a bit much, but ultimately decided to leave it.  After all,  it's the front porch bench and not the living room.  They are fun, bold, bright and just perfect for out there.

Lastly, I added some trick-or-treat ribbon to my pumpkin stakes that I have had for years to make them a little more festive.  The kids helped me find the perfect spot for these right by our front steps and  exclaimed that they looked "SO cute!!!" after stepping back to take it all in.

I'm still planning to add some fall flowers, real pumpkins and some other fun goodies to our porch before the season really gets into full swing, but we are off to a good start after today and it is certainly looking (and feeling) a lot like fall around here!

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