Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Mission - Displaying Kids Artwork

I'm on a mission to finally do something with all of the adorable kids artwork I have collected over the years!

In our old house I used to have a bunch of it hanging on the back side of my pantry door and on our fridge.  The rest was hanging in the playroom on bulletin boards or anywhere else I could find to put it. I really do love seeing all of the cute stuff they bring home, especially things made with their hand prints.  Now that the girls are in elementary school their artwork production at school has obviously slowed down a bit, but they still bring home some adorable pieces from Art class that they are really proud of. And, just yesterday Blondie was having the best time coloring some pictures and she beamed as she told me that she was an artist! I want to help encourage that confidence by proudly displaying the things they create!

Now that we are in our new house, new cute stuff comes home and it usually lives on my kitchen counters for a little while.  Then, when I'm tried of looking at it I will either file some away for each of the kids to save, let them put it in their room, or {gasp} toss the rest.  The girls especially get upset when something goes "missing."  I'm usually pretty good about throwing it away at night when they are in bed and I've even gone as far as making sure it is hidden under other trash in the trashcan.  However, there is that random time when they go to throw something away and low and behold, there is a beautiful piece of artwork in the trash.  The look hurt and ask why it's there and I do what any mother would do...I act surprised, tell them I have no idea how it got there and explain that maybe their Dad threw it away by accident.  I know, so bad.  But seriously, we would end up on an episode of Hoarders if they had their way.

Since I decided I was ready to finally tackle this project I visited my design consultant {aka Pinterest} and started pinning away different ideas to display kids artwork in an organized and tasteful manner.  We have a large playroom I plan to put it all in so I know I want something that will be bright, fun, and functional. I found SO many great ideas!  Pinterest never disappoints!

These ideas I found and loved because I like the idea of having the artwork framed in some way, but not having to take the frames down each time I wanted to change out the art.

Photo credit - Pinterest 

Photo credit - Pinterest 

I loved how this one could give each child their own personal board to proudly display their things.
Photo credit - Pinterest 

I thought this one might work and be the least expensive because I already have a rod like this that is just sitting in a closet and would just need the ring clips.  

Photo credit - Pinterest 

And then these gallery style walls with the artwork framed are classic and I have been known to love a good gallery wall.  

Photo credit - Pinterest 
Photo credit - Pinterest 

My plan is to tackle this project this week.  Now that I have my inspiration, I'm headed out today to get supplies and hoping I can convince my hubby to help me get it all hung and wrapped up over the next few days so be sure to check back next week so I can share my finished product!

   photo cbsignature.jpg

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