Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dawg Days of Summer

Last Friday, the moment the school bells rang, we peeled out of the parking lot, and headed northeast to Lake Keowee to celebrate one last weekend of Summer. I might have left tire marks.

Our crew was not going to miss out on one minute of end of Summer fun. The moment we pulled into the lake house, we threw on our swimsuits and jumped in the boat for a little tubing and wakeboarding fun before bed.  

Saturday morning we woke up all smiles. Not only had we kicked off the holiday weekend right, but the sweet scent of football was in the air. In the South, this is definitely something worth celebrating.

The plan was to have an awesome day on the lake during the day (and boy, did we!!) and then come home around 4p.m. to set up our kick-off party for game time at 5:30p.m. We were so excited, and we had been planning for weeks. 

All day the Littles had been "calling the Dawgs" everywhere we went in anticipation. A little awkward considering we were in the heart of Clemson country, but who cares? We proudly donned our red and black, and might have encouraged them to call a little louder. 

Everything was going according to plan, and our at home tailgate was setting up beautifully. Around 5p.m. we checked on the unusually quiet Littles, to find them happily watching a movie in bed together on the iPad. Who were we to disturb? We had food to prep, treats to decorate, cocktails to mix...

And just as we were about to turn around to finish our prep...wham! Cute smacks his head on the headboard. The second he cried out and we saw his little forehead, we knew we were headed for the ER.

The next few moments were a blur as I don't do blood or needles very well, and in the current situation there was a lot of blood. And because men were around, a lot of discussion of needles.

We made our way to the hospital, and luckily by the time we arrived Cute had calmed down and the bleeding had slowed. Upon our entrance through the ER doors, we realized one glaringly obvious mistake we had made.

Twenty pairs of eyes immediately turned our way. Twenty pairs of eyes that left the television screen filled with the football game we supposed to be watching ourselves right then, to look at us. Did I mention we were in Clemson, SC?

Could we have been a little more subdued in our game day attire? Could we have maybe thought to change before we left the house? Oh no, we rolled up in there in head to toe red and black, covered in UGA logos. And maybe a few cheek tattoos to really drive it home.


Honestly, though, after the initial double take moment, everyone had a great laugh about it. They didn't even bump us to the back of the line. We had a great staff of doctors and nurses, and even though they let us know each time Clemson scored, they were super sweet to Cute, and went above and beyond to make sure he felt comfortable and special.

The whole ordeal took about an hour and a half.

That whole time Little Cute was back at the lake house with everyone else cheering on the team. She took her job very seriously.

We made it home just in time to watch the second half with everyone. Cute was excited to show all the boys/men his battle wound, and this Mama was excited to grab one of those mix drinks she was working on earlier. 

We were so excited to end our day back on a high, with a UGA victory!!!

The rest of the holiday weekend was a lot less chaotic, but definitely just as entertaining and fun. With this crew life is never boring. 

We spent Sunday and Labor Day enjoying riding around in the boat, wakeboarding, tubing, swimming, and lounging on the beach.

The Littles would have tubed for hours if we would have let them. Cute didn't miss a beat and tubed right along with everyone else. He was even still able to do his "fancy trick" of riding backwards. Living on the edge my friend, living on the edge.

Carrie Beth's kids rock the wakeboards! Her oldest is a pro at it by now, and even attempted a little jump. So impressive!!!

We had tons of sunshine, tons of laughs, and made tons of memories. It was an epic end to the summer. We were sad that it had to come to an end, but are excited for all the fun that Fall plans to bring...and for more Bulldog wins!

To help celebrate the kick-off of football season, here is a fun UGA printable for you to enjoy. We used these fun labels as cupcake toppers for our tailgate (see above photo), but they have endless possibilities. I will try to add more schools as the season goes on.

Click here.

The printable is sized to fit Avery's 1.5" sticker label (#22805). Enjoy!
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