Friday, July 2, 2021

5-Step DIY Wall Shelf

Slowly, but surely, we are making our house feel like a home. Funnily, the spaces I've been concentrating on the most are the ones we aren't frequenting often, or aren't seen by many people. 


The only thing I can think of is that these rooms are blank/clean spaces. No clutter. No kid toys. No random piles from my husband. Just blank rooms I can be creative in. 

The guest bedroom has been one of my favorite to work on. Coastal style is my jam and this room is chock full of it. I'll share a full tour soon, but first I wanted to share an easy project that I did to help complete the room. 

The walls of the guest room were looking pretty plain. Especially over the bed. We've done all these fun features, but the rooms still looked kind of "blah". I knew I wanted to include some coastal themed artwork and water color prints that we've collected on our travels, but nothing would be large enough for the space.

It's also a guest bedroom/pool changing area, and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on anything. After looking at all my available artwork, I decided to hang a shelf and do a framed display of some of the pieces. 

I had a chippy/coastal/antique style shelf in mind and couldn't quite find what I was looking for in a brick and mortar. Then online I was shocked at some of the prices. 

After perusing the every popular Home Depot for ideas, I realized I could make my shelf pretty easily. 

I purchased the few materials I needed, decided what paint color to use, and with in one afternoon and just a few steps, I had a wall shelf! 

I loved how it turned out. I especially loved how it was much cheaper than what I was looking at online. I really really loved that it only took about an hour or so of work to make. 

What do you think??


(Note: We've made a similar shelf in my son's room multiple times. So the idea was born from those instructions.)

Materials Used:

  1. Cut your board to size. (We had a board on hand that I used. It is approximate 4 feet in length.) 
  2. Paint all sides of the board, and the corbels.

  3. Once the paint is dry, use the sandpaper to smooth all edges and corners. (To get that distressed look you sand down edges to the raw wood.)

  4. Hang and secure the corbels to desired location in the wall with drill and dry wall screws.

  5. Center shelf board over corbels and attach with screws

    And that's it. Just a few steps and the shelf is DONE!

Additional Notes: 
- If you don't have a saw to cut your board, Lowe's and Home Depot will both cut the board to size for you on site. 
- I hung my corbels in three inches in from the edge of where I wanted to the edge of the shelf to be. You can put them at the ends or bring them in. Either way it looks great! 
- You can touch up shelf board with wood putty and a dab of paint if desired to hide the screws. I skipped this step since my shelf is high enough up they wouldn't be noticeable. 

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