Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Kura Home Maintenance

Have you ever thought about the fact that your home is probably the most expensive investment you will ever own and it doesn't come with an owners manual?  There are SO many things to maintain on a home and most of us don't have the time or knowledge to be able to keep up with it all.  Today I had Kura Home Maintenance visit my home and do some routine home maintenance that they offer.   

Douglas and Jordan showed up prepared with everything they would need to help service, clean and maintain all sorts of different areas in our home.  

They offer a quarterly service to cover everything from cleaning refrigerator coils and changing the water filters in your fridge to cleaning exterior dryer vents, cleaning washing machine filters and even draining sediment from water heaters.  You know, all of the types of things you know you probably should do, but don't on a regular basis.  They also offer all sorts of handyman services, as well as, air duct cleaning which is something  my husband and I are looking into since our home is about 7 years old now. 

Their customized tasks help you learn where your home could use the most attention and then you are able to decide what areas you would like to focus on. Today for me they cleaned behind my refrigerator and vacuumed/cleaned the refrigerator coils and compressor.  With a dog and just general household dust, it definitely needed to be done! 

They also cleaned behind the dryer and even cleaned the exterior dryer vent, something that is a MAJOR fire hazard so I feel so much better knowing that this has been done. 

They also took down every bathroom fan vent and cleaned it for dust, debris and BUGS!  Yikes! 

They also cleaned and degreased the vent hood filter above my stove, cleaned my garbage disposal and sealed all of the granite countertops in my kitchen leaving it feeling fresh and new! 

Douglas and Jordan were so professional, polite, and knowledgable.  I really appreciated them taking the time to explain everything they were doing and why it is important for our home maintenance.  They also made recommendations for other items I wouldn't have even thought of that we can follow up on during their next visit.  

For locals, Kura Home Maintenance services all of Georgia, but they are also based in Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and Texas. You can learn more from their website HERE and also join them on Instagram HERE for lots of home maintenance tips!  
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