Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Boxed Bites 2 Go

I love entertaining and hosting fun get togethers. Even for the most random of holidays or events. I also tend to be a little “extra” when it comes to hosting. I mean, there was that time I made Mr. Magnolia purchase artificial turf just for a soccer swim party

The week of the Fourth of July our good friends from Colorado were coming into town. Brittany is an amazing cook. I knew I would never be able to impress her with anything I could bring to the table. 

But I knew our friend Helen could. Helen owns Boxed Bites To Go, a local charcuterie box creator. She creates the cutest charcuterie boards and to-go boxes. They are delicious and can be customized to almost any occasion or event. 

Since it was the week of the Fourth, I texted her last minute to see if she could do something fun for the holiday. Not only did she have something ready to go for me in just 24 hours, it was themed and extra - just the way I like it. 

How cute is this American Flag Star Charcuterie Board she created?! 

Every little delicious detail was so cute. The star shaped cheeses. The red, white and blue themed accoutrements. All of it was just perfection! 

I even love she partners with our friend Deb, and includes her yummy cookies! 

Sometimes she has specialty boards - like this one - available for purchase. She will usually share them and available stock updates on her Instagram or Facebook.  The Star one is perfect because I know I can reuse it a lot - especially with the Olympics coming up! 

Helen is such a sweetheart and was nice enough to give our readers a special discount code. If you use the code TheMagnoliaMamas at checkout you will get $10 off any order! The code will be valid July 21st -31st! 

I already have another event I've enlisted Helen to help me with. I can't wait to surprise everyone with all that yummy. 

And let's be honest, my guests are very thankful they are no longer subjected to my own weak kitchen skills. 

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