Friday, July 16, 2021

Home Office Decor Inspo from Target

 The countdown has begun - school starts in just two weeks. Eek! Schools in our area are moving forward as normal, and for me that means all three kids in one school. 

To say I am excited about this is an understatement. This is the only year it will happen out of all the years my kids will be in school, so I am going to savor it like a fine champagne. 

With that said, in between playing in the pool and taking these kids to all their summer social engagements (and I thought I drove a lot during the school year!!), I've been organizing my office and our work spaces. 

Largely my office is just plain sad. It just has furniture and a rug in it. The walls are already painted, and we did some trim work during the renovations, but other wise...nothing. 

We've moved in a year ago y'all!! I'm so embarrassed. 

 It is right when you walk in the house and one of the first rooms you see and I've let it be a dumping ground of epic proportions. 

But not this year! 

These next few weeks I plan on fancy-ing it up. 

Or at least putting a picture on the wall. 

After taking one of our many trips to Target a few weeks ago, I told Carrie Beth I noticed they had a great selection of home office decor and items. A lot of items that are super trendy right now (see all things acrylic), but at much more affordable prices than other places you see office decor. 

I was so impressed and inspired!

I came home and made a few vision boards (I love doing these!) to see what might coordinate with one another. I am saving my final decision to share later, but here is a peek at where my head is at in case you are doing a little office redecorating yourself (or for the kids!). 

(Shopping Details: HERE)

(Shopping Details: HERE)

(Shopping Details: HERE)

(Shopping Details: HERE)

(Shopping Details: HERE)

Which office look is your favorite? Do you have a must have office item that helps keep you organized? Share all the office things with me! 

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  1. Oh wow, give me that pink office! I can't wait to get out of the little space I am in. I am not sure that where I am headed will look so pretty, but we shall is nice to dream!


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