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14 Favorite Children's Thanksgiving Books

The Cutes had so much fun sharing their top Halloween book choices with you last month, that they decided to get in the spirit of all things Turkey and do it again for Thanksgiving.

After scouring their libraries, polling their friends, and doing most extensive research to make sure that all book selections met their high standards, they now bring you a list of their favorite Thanksgiving books.

14 Favorite Children's Thanksgiving Books

Here is that lovable puppy Biscuit again.  This lift the flap book , so far, has been loved by both children.  Little ones can follow along and learn the basic idea of  Thanksgiving and doing good deeds while Biscuit preps with all his friends and family. 

Little Cute loves this book! This is a super fun lift the flap book that has bright, colorful pictures, and teaches little ones a basic idea of  how Thanksgiving came alive. There aren't many books for  younger children that teach the story of Thanksgiving, but this author  (Nancy Davis) nailed it. 

This is a fun interactive book that both children love. The feathers on the turkey are shiny and make crinkle sounds so your youngest readers will love it. The turkeys do silly things as you count so it is great for older toddlers too. Cute has the rhyme memorized by now. 

This was actually a book that we originally received in the Chick-fil-a kids meal awhile ago believe it or not. Cute loved it so much that we bought the hard copy. This book series is adorable, and Cute loves any story with animals. This isn't a direct Thanksgiving book, but the main character Bear wants to show his friends how thankful he is and throws a special dinner. Each of his friend contributes to the dinner in their own special way. 

If you have a Curious George lover, this is the perfect book. It follows George through his entire Thanksgiving Day...from the parade to dinner. Each tab is kind of a separate rhyme or poem rather that one long story so little readers can pick and choose their favorite tab to read. 

Cute has really enjoyed the Marley series lately. It is the same lovable dog that John Grogan's book and movie shared with us a few years ago, but in a children's series. This is a lift the flap book that follows Marley and his family getting ready for Thanksgiving. Marley being Marley, sometimes things don't go so smoothly. 

Wendi Silvano's Turkey Trouble has become Cute's favorite book this season. Turkey realizes he is going to be the main course for holiday dinner, and comes up with several hilarious attempts at disguising himself to avoid his fate. The story makes us all laugh and the water color illustrations are wonderful. 

This is a different author than the Halloween version we shared last month, but has the same premise in its story. The same nursery rhyme that we grew up with, but with a fun Thanksgiving themed twist. 

9. 10 Fat Turkeys
10 Fat Turkeys is a fun counting book that also makes Cute laugh. The story counts down and the turkeys, who are sitting on a fence, each leave in a creative way.
Cute wanted me to tell everyone, "They are so so silly! Silly like the monkeys!". He thinks these turkeys are friends with the monkeys who jump on the bed. :)

**The following books The Cute's received as suggestions from their panel of friends and experts. In the words of Cute, "These are for when I grow up big, big, BIG!". **

This book was suggested to us by a friend who has children in elementary school. The story follows children on a field trip to a farm. Once the children realize what the farmer wants to use the turkeys for, they sneak the turkeys out and invite them to dinner...an all vegetarian dinner. 

11. Balloons Over Broadway
I loved the idea of Balloons Over Broadway the moment it was recommended to us! 
Ever since I was little I have loved getting up and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and now I have passed that tradition on to my husband and children. This book is the true story of Tony Sarg, the brilliant innovator behind the huge balloons that are the trademark of the famous New York parade. 

Lovers of the book series Pinkalicious will love this Thanksgiving addition. The sweet little girl (early elementary school age) who told me it was her favorite Thanksgiving book because "Pinkalicious and her friend Peter decide to be big Thanksgiving Day helpers". She also told me it has a fun poster and stickers that comes with it. 

The Cute's also received this recommendation from the previous mentioned expert. Their sweet girlfriend told us this was also one of her favorite series, and that it also comes with stickers. Clearly, the way to this girls heart and how she judges fine literature.
Kind of like how I am with bread at a restaurant. 

For children who have moved onto chapter books this series has come highly recommended and apparently the Thanksgiving book does not disappoint. In this book, the magic tree house whisks the children away to the first Thanksgiving eve. Along their adventure they meet Pilgrims and Indians who help them. (Bonus: There is a companion book called Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #13: Pilgrims.) 

There you have it...

The Cute's (and friends) favorite Thanksgiving books for this year. What are some of your little ones favorites? 
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P.S. - Little Cute was not photographed for this post as she has become a woman on a mission. A mission that entails terrorizing older brothers, wrecking havoc on toilet paper rolls everywhere, and destroying Pyrex bowls one cabinet at a time. Such a mission does not allow her to sit still for one iota of her day, least of all with a book for a photo op. Cute is at least able to be bribed...1/3 of the time.

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  1. I work with prekinder and they loved it! Thanks


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