Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Recap

Our family had a great Halloween!  Last minute I discovered I didn't have trick-or-treat bags for my kids and was just about a day away from ordering some online when I happened to find these cute ones in Wal-Mart.  I added their names to personalize them a bit and the kids were all set!  

As I shared a few weeks ago, I planned a little trick-or-treat party for our neighbors friends with kids and Jen was sweet enough to design some really cute invites for me. With it being such a busy week, I wanted our party to be laid back and fun for everyone, including this Mama.  I did not want to have to stress over preparing a bunch of food so I made a few dips ahead of time, put together easy fruit and veggie trays and stocked up on pre-made appetizers from Costco that I could just warm up.  

While at Costco I also got some of their gorgeous fresh flowers.  Seriously, it is the best bang for your buck.  They are always perfectly arranged, easy to split up if needed, and add a special touch to any party.  

I knew the kids would be on a sugar high from all of the candy, but I wanted to at least have a few desserts for the party.  I like splitting my food up in "stations" when I host, so this was my dessert area.  I also aways frame and display my invitations.  It's such an easy way to tie the theme of a party all together and it's always an easy decoration.  

The cookies above were from Costco and I made my pumpkin rice crispy treats and easy Halloween snack mix for the party, too!

To my surprise, the biggest hit of the night in the way of food were the boiled peanuts we had going in the crock-pot.  My hubby suggested we serve them since it would be a cool night, and after seeing how much everyone enjoyed them,  I will be serving these at every party I have from here on out.  It was funny to see how excited everyone got about them and how people can really bond over food!

 Traditionally, my husband and I do not dress up, but a friend of mine told me about adult sized super hero t-shirts she saw so I though it would be fun for us to at least wear those and complete our family super hero theme.  Our kids LOVED seeing us in our "costumes" so it was fun for all of us!

And one more very quick thing to share.  Have y'all heard of the Switch Witch???  Last year was my first year ever hearing about this friendly witch.  Here is the deal.  Your kids get to pick out 10 pieces of Halloween candy to keep and they put the rest out on your front porch.  Then the Switch Witch comes to "switch" the candy for a prize. Brilliant, huh?!?!  I had kind of forgotten about this, but Blondie remembered from her friend last year and begged to switch her candy for a prize.  She was cracking us up though because she told us she was "definitely not switching her Reese's Peanut Butter Cups."

So late last night after we got home from a UGA party the kids dug through their candy to pick out their 10 pieces and dumped the rest into a big basket to leave on our porch.  The Switch Witch came and left Boo-Boo with an airplane launcher and the girls each with Frozen watches.  I'm just hoping this little trick doesn't backfire on me though.  One of the watches is having a hard time keeping time, so I'm going to have some explaining to do when I go exchange it for another one!   #switchwitchfail

I hope everyone has a very happy and productive Monday!  
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