Friday, November 14, 2014

A Winner, Jamberry Nails, and Another Giveaway!!!

I have been waiting to do this post for over a week and I am beyond excited over what I'm going to share today, but first I want to announce the winner of our monogrammed straw cup giveaway!

Congratulations, Michele P.!  Email us at so we can get your monogram info and you can begin sipping in style. :-)

Now on to what I'm so excited about...

I love having my nails painted.  Love it!  I only get my nails done at a nail salon for very special occasions (I think I can remember once maybe twice this past year that I had them done) so I always paint them myself at home.  I have a drawer full of fun polishes for every season and always feel more put together and trendy when my nails are painted.  What I don't love is the fact that my nails chip and start peeling after about a day.  It's completely frustrating and time-consuming when I am constantly having to re-do them.

I've tried the gel nails that last 2-3 weeks and while it was great while they were one, getting them off was another story.  I hate the soaking and the filing and the peeling and the awful damage they it did to my nails.  It left them looking worse off than before I started.

I had heard of Jamberry nails wraps, but didn't know exactly what they were or how they worked.  Then a few weeks ago my friend, Laura, told me she tried them and loved them so much she became a consultant. I knew right away I wanted to give them a try and was just about to place an order when she called me up and said that she had some samples we could play around with if I was interested.  I was definitely interested and jumped at the chance to check them out.  So while all 6(!) of our kids were running around and playing at my house we had a little nail party and she showed me all about Jamberry and helped me apply my first set.

I was giddy.  I loved them so very much that I just kept staring at them and smiling.  Kind of how you did when you first got engaged and can't stop staring at your ring.  Yep, that was me but I couldn't stop staring at my nails...or taking pictures of them. :-) I mean, how fun is this chevron pattern?!?!

I was immediately sold and knew I wanted more.  I flipped through the catalog with my girls to let them each pick out some of the Jamberry Juniors (sized specifically for little girls in the most adorable patterns you have ever seen) and got online to order more that night.   Little Mama picked the Santa and Reindeer combo and Blondie picked a floral print and pink glitter polkadots.  However, I sat starting at my computer and flipping through the catalog for at least an hour because there were so many fun designs and colors that I couldn't decide!

There are some really fun and funky ones if you want to live on the edge a little, but there are also more classic styles like solids and even french manicures.

And these precious Mommy and Me designs are darling, especially because my girls love to match me!

As soon as ours arrived the girls couldn't wait to get them on.  I applied theirs that night and they were so excited to go to school the next day and show their friends!

My girls love having their nails painted, but like mine, theirs start to chip right away and they hate sitting still to let them dry.  This was such a nice change to have them done, not have to wait for them to dry, and have them last!  This is what the sheet looked like after I was done with both of their nails.

So as you can see, I will be able to do both of theirs again with just one sheet giving us 4 total applications from one sheet of the junior size.

A few more things to share from my personal experience with Jamberry:

**They are called nail wraps, but think of it like a sticker.  A sticker that stays on through showering, doing dishes, bathing my kids, playing outside with my kids and everything else I do that usually ruins my nails.  I just took mine off after having them on for 8 days and they still looked great, but I was ready to try another set.

**It took me about 25 minutes to apply my own, so maybe a little longer than I would spend painting and drying my nails, but remember, they last for over a week!  It took much less time for me to do the kids because I had both of my hands to work with.

**The thing that surprised me the most was how easy it was to do by myself.  Really, anyone can do this and make it look good.  Click below to watch a short video that shows how you apply them.
(I didn't have the handy little heater they show in the video and my hair dryer worked just fine.)

**Towards the end of the week a few of the edges started peeling a little, but I just filed them again like I did with the original application and I was good to go for a few more days.

**Removal was a breeze.  I followed the removal instructions from the video and they just peeled right off.  No damage to my nails at all.  On a few nails there was a little bit of sticky left, but nail polish remover took that right off.

**There are so many great things about these, but one major selling point for me was the price.  Each sheet of nail wraps is only $15, so way less than getting them done at a nail salon, but each sheet has enough wraps to do your nails at least 2-3 times.  And, when you buy 3 sheets you get the 4th free!

**The junior sizes were perfect for my girls.  For comparison, here is a picture of a junior sheet next to a regular sized sheet.

You would not believe how many people have stopped me, noticed and asked about my nails.  I was so excited to share my new-found love of Jamberry that I decided to host an on-line party.  I really think everyone would love these and I want to spread the word because I just think they are really that wonderful.

Because Laura is so sweet she offered up a couple of Jamberry sets to one of our readers!!!  If you place an order through my party, be sure to come back and leave us a comment on this post to be entered for a chance to win 2 more sets of Jamberry nail wraps (Arrow and White Tip).

While you are having a great weekend, go check out the Jamberry website and let me know which ones you love because I can't wait to order more for myself and have such a hard time narrowing down my favorites!
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  1. I am loving these and am so excited to try my first set!! So far my favorites have been midnight celebration and cherry ice!! :) I can't wait to see what they look like!

  2. Order is placed! Cohen and I both are super excited to try these!

  3. Just got my order today! Can't wait to put the Mommy and Me nails on. I got the santa suit ones...super precious!!


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