Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tutu Turkey Costume {No-Sew Tutu Tutorial}

A few weeks ago my neighbor asked if I would be interested in making a turkey costume for her sweet daughter, R.  R's 2nd grade class was putting on a Thanksgiving play and she had been cast as the turkey!  After looking online they didn't find any costumes that they both loved, but did find a few ideas to show me what they were looking for.  I jumped and the chance to make it and knew that I could help them out.

After my DIY Superhero costume post, I had several people ask me how I made the tutus.

They are really so simple and I've used this same process many, many times. I had planned to do a tutorial at some point and after I saw the ideas for the turkey outfit, I knew this was my opportunity.  These tutus are pretty much no-sew, so anyone can make them to be part of just about any type of costume!

Start with 1 inch wide elastic and measure it to fit the waist of who you are making the tutu for.  I did sew this part with my sewing machine, but you could easily hand stitch or hot-glue it.

Next you will need 2-3 rolls of tulle.  I used to buy tulle off the bolt and cut it into strips, but then I discovered this type on the roll and it saves a ton of time. For this tutu I was using red, yellow, and orange so I had one roll of each.

I cut the tulle approximately 1 yard in length (or about double the length you want your tutu to be) until I've used the whole roll.  I prefer to do all the cutting at once because it speeds up the process when it comes to tie the tulle to the elastic.

Now you are ready to start adding the tulle.  Fold one piece in half and slip it under the elastic.

 Next open the folded area and use your fingers to grab and pull the ends through the loop.

 Once pulled all the way through and tight, it should look like this: 

Continue with the other pieces all around the elastic, pulling the tulle tight.

When you have made your way all the around it should look like picture below. You can see that the ends are a little jagged and different lengths, but that is a very easy fix.

Simply go around the tutu and trim up the ends to make it all even.

At this point I sometimes add a ribbon for the front, stitch on a flower, add felt shapes (like for the Superhero costumes) or any other little extras I want to add.

For this costume, I used felt to make a simple turkey shirt.  I simply cut the eyes, beak and wattle out of felt pieces and stitched them on the t-shirt with my sewing machine.

I think it turned out super cute and I know Miss R will look adorable wearing it for her class play this week!

Now, onto the talk of nails. :-)  I've had a ton of people in real life asking me about my newest Jamberry Nails and I really want everyone to try them.  I promise you will love them as much as I do!

Check out the post I wrote all about them HERE and be sure to check out all of the design options online.  Click HERE to order from my online party.  They are so affordable - only $15 per sheet - and the are currently buy 3 get one free!  I think these would be great stocking stuffers for any ladies or little girls in your life!  Also, if you order be sure to leave a comment and let me know so you will be entered to win two additional sheets of Jamberry nail wraps.
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  1. Can you tell me what brand the brown shirt it? I want to make this costume for my daughter for Halloween and I cannot find a brown shirt anywhere.

    1. I'm so sorry that I don't know. My neighbor bought the shirt and I believe she said she ordered it online, but I could be wrong. I know some of the craft stores usually have solid colored t-shirts. Have you tried that?


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