Monday, November 17, 2014

Cornucopia Treat {plus a printable}

This week from me, just a warning, you guys are going to get a whole lot of Thanksgiving. After multiple plan changes we are now hosting this year, and I have had a TON of fun getting ready for all things Turkey!

First celebration up though is Cute's Thanksgiving feast at school. Next week, the school is closed for the holiday, so they are hosting their feast on Wednesday. Over the weekend, he and I chose a few fun Thanksgiving treats to get together for his classmates. 

We saw a cute pin on Pinterest to an ice cream cone cornucopia treat, but when we clicked on it for instructions it lead to some random website. 

Not to be deterred, we kept searching and finally I found brief instructions on the Martha Stewart website on how to bend an ice cream cone. I should have known...Martha clearly knows what she's doing. 

Once I felt confident this would be an easy project, we got all our supplies together to make our version of the ice cream cone cornucopia filled with a Thanksgiving mix. 

I used my steamer pot to make the cone flexible. You will leave the cone in the steamer portion covered for approximately one minute.

The cone will begin to soften and unravel itself. If left long enough it will also start to flatten. Remove the cone with a pair of tongs (read: it will be HOT), and place on a plate. 

From removal you have about 15 seconds to mold the cone (it will harden back into shape super fast). I took a pen and wrapped the end of the cone up and around to give it the cornucopia shape. You will leave the pen in for approximately one minute. 

Once it has cooled, you will remove the pen and be left with a cute little curved cornucopia. 

Some of the time I did get distracted and left my cone in a little longer and it flattened. I finally got the hang of reshaping it before it hardened around cone number three.

From there I found my rhythm, and the process took only about 15 minutes complete the set of 14 that I needed. 

After all the cornucopias were completed and cooled, we got our mix together to fill them with. Originally I was planning to use the Blessings Mix I have used in the past, but a lot of the ingredients wouldn't fit inside the shape, so we came up with our own mix: Goldfish crackers, raisins, yogurt raisins, and M&Ms. (Note: If you don't have a peanut free school, Reece's Pieces will work much better, as you won't have to pick out blue and green M&Ms.)

It turned out great! 

Once filled, we then covered with clear saran wrap on the ends so that the mix would stay inside. 

Then it was time to make it pretty. 

I created THESE personalized 3x3in treat tags. Then I cut them with my scalloped edged scissors and hole punched them. 

I packaged these with a ribbon to start, and then decided to add a cellophane bag around them just to protect them a little bit more, and to make them a little more "carry friendly" in case they make their way home instead of being eaten at the feast. 

And because I was on a roll, I made these fun place cards for each one of his classmates for the party as well.

They are super easy to use, and I plan on making them for when we host Thanksgiving next week. Just print, fold and cut. I love cute little details when they are easy!

Here are the fun place cards for you to enjoy as well!

Happy Monday!
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