Monday, May 9, 2016

I See Me

It's no secret that we have a deep deep love for anything and everything personalized. We take that love, and place it's three letter monogrammed affection on just about anything that is or isn't moving. That now includes books! 

That's right, we have found the most adorable place to have personalized children's books made. How CUTE are these...

We decided to surprise our boys with a fun lunch and their own personalized book. After narrowing down from all the adorable book options, we decided on the Pirate Adventure book for Cute, and the Speedster book for Boo-Boo.

To say they are excited about their books would be an understatement.  They were absolutely thrilled and couldn't believe their own names were in the books.

Before we even had a chance to read them the books they flipped through the pages checking out all of the colorful and bright illustrations.  They were so shocked and surprised to see their pictures in the books, too!

The stories are both adorable and there are personal touches in each book.  When ordering you can personalize with all sorts of details...everything from hair and eye color to the name of the city you live in and even birth dates.  All of those details are woven into the stories and illustrations making it such a personal and meaningful book.  

The boys have really loved their books and take them just about everywhere we go.  They have become a nightly read before bed and we love randomly finding the boys taking a break from their normal wild shenanigans to spend a little down time reading in their rooms!

After seeing how much our boys love these books and how excited they get to read them we will definitely be making more book purchases from I See Me soon.  These would be great birthday gifts for all of their little buddies and something that not only the kids would enjoy, but the parents, too!  Who needs more plastic toys?!?

I See Me is actually celebrating the 15th anniversary for their popular My Very Own Name books.  In this best-selling book, animals bring letters one-by-one to spell out a child's name and then they celebrate at the end because they have created the perfect name for your child.  I (Carrie Beth) received one of these books as a gift when Little Mama was born and it was the most thoughtful gift for a new baby and new mom.

While I See Me has a wide variety of personalized books, they also have a lot of other goodies like lunch boxes, puzzles, coloring books, placemats, stickers and growth charts.  Literally they have something for everyone and for every occasion.  We just love a one-stop shop for all things personalized and we know you will, too!

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