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Little Remedies for Sick Kids {Printables}

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We've been very fortunate that our little ones are rarely sick. I can remember visiting the pediatrician for Cute's 3 year well visit, and she asked me "Can this be right, you haven't been here since his two year check up?".

It was accurate - not even a sniffle.

Now he more than made up for it at age three when we were in the E.R. more times than I would like to admit. This is the same year he honed in on all those boy skills, and flipping head first off the couch became a sport.

Little Cute's immune system seems just as strong, but she more so has had a few moments where she wasn't feeling her best. One such incident happened last week when her tummy seemed to be bothering her. She wasn't eating, and she just wasn't up to her normal self.

For L.C. to be relatively calm most of the day, not attempt at least three break-ins to the nail polish drawer, and not spend most of her day torturing snuggling with her furry best friend Max is a big deal. It was so sad to see her down and out.

After observing her for a day or so, and asking her at various times what was bothering her, I realized she might be constipated. Fortunately for us we live about two minutes away from a Target, and with the promise of a fresh nail polish color, L.C. perked up enough to make the trip.

After picking out a lovely new shade of purple nail polish, we made our way over to the digestive aisle to see what we could come up with. At only two and a half, I was a little nervous if there would be anything available to help her. I was so excited to see that I actually recognized one of the brands - Little Remedies®.

I remember giving Little Remedies® Gripe Water and Gas Drops to The Cutes occasionally when they were younger if they seemed to have gas or an upset tummy, and they always worked like a charm. Now, newly available is Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes for digestive health. After reading about that each serving contains vital nutrients for digestive health, and approximately 5 billion active cultures of the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG - the probiotic that helps aide digestive balance and boost immunity - and doesn't contain any artificial flavors, dyes, or paragons,  I knew we had found a winner.* 

An added bonus to my find, was that I learned Target is currently running a great offer on Little Remedies® products. Anytime you buy a Little Remedies® product between now and May 14th, you receive a $5 Target gift card. I love those little gift cards. They always come in handy later. I made sure to stock up and grab all three products to have on hand. 

The moment we returned home, I mixed L.C. some of the Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes. I knew she would love the delicious berry flavor, and the faster she could drink it the better her tummy would feel. I was also glad she would get the electrolytes she needed to help stay hydrated since that is one of the major danger signs of little ones being constipated. 

It took L.C. a few days to bounce back completely, but without getting into too many unnecessary (and super icky) details - we saw an improvement in her mood after a few Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes cocktails, some added hydration, and lots of fiber to her diet . During the recovery period though, we had to leave her with a babysitter a few times due to some year end meetings and commitments we couldn't back out of. This is out of the norm for us, so I decided to design this handy Sick Day Chart to share with her caregivers so that we could keep track of her health. 

With the use of the Sick Day Chart and the use of Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes, I felt like I was able to confidently leave our babysitters with all necessary supplies and instructions to help us get L.C. back on track and her tummy feeling at least a little better. 

I am able to look at the chart, see if anything looks out of the ordinary, keep track of when the last time medicine might have been administered, and see any special notes of things I might not have picked up on prior to my leaving. I love that I can quickly be informed on anything I might have missed and that anyone who might be watching her can be on the same page. 

It's also nice to quickly be able to share the Sick Day Chart with The Cutes pediatrician if needed. Lord knows that a visit to the pediatrician's office with three little ones in tow is tough enough - my brain is usually so full that I might not accurately be able to say what she ate last, or answer when exactly did she last go to the potty. 

Luckily, L.C. is now back to her full smiley, bouncy, nail polish loving self again and those digestive issues are a thing of the past, and the Little Remedies® Probiotic Plus Electrolytes was definitely a helpful tool in keeping her hydrated and giving her valuable nutrients in her her diet on the days she otherwise didn't want to consume much. Even after a week she still asks for her "special juice" because she loved the taste that much. I've found her more than once sneaking into the cabinet to try to figure out how to open the little packets with her water cup sitting beside her. Thank goodness because I would much rather see my mischievous little girl with her big infectious smile any day of the week, than witness any more pitiful days not feeling well on the couch. 

Our furry dog friend Max - not sure he shares in my enthusiasm. 

If you would like to use the Sick Day Chart for you or your little one's caregiver(s) download for free HERE

To learn more about Little Remedies®, and their quest for promoting health in young children, visit HERE.

What remedies do you have when your little ones aren't feeling their best? 

*This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


  1. Oh I am loving that sick day printable! I can never remember things like last time medicine was given or last time kids ate when they are sick, my brain goes frazzled. This is perfect! -client

  2. I love the printable! I will definitely use this! Thank you!!!


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