Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

What a week this was.  We continue to be pretty busy with end of the year stuff for school and it seems that every day we have something going on in someone's class.  Today I'll be helping out with field day all day!  We also have a very full, but very fun weekend ahead, so that is pretty exciting, too!  As usual, today we're linking up with some of our favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites.

So we might have mentioned this before, but Jen and I have the same goals of having a beautiful flower garden one day.  We've both realized that goal is something we will probably achieve when we are much older and have grown children, but it's fun to think about.

For now, I just enjoy the knockout rose bushes that are in our yard and how effortless they are!

Speaking of pretty blooms, the magnolia trees are blooming like crazy around these parts.  I just love driving around town and spotting our signature blooms.  This gorgeous one happened to be at the soccer fields this week.  And you know what???  As I got closer for a picture I saw a lucky little ladybug under one of the petals!  I figured that would bring the Magnolia Mamas good luck for sure.

Random little fact...I wanted to have magnolia flowers in my wedding, but because I got married in December that wasn't really an option.  Still one of my favorites though!

Earlier this week I was looking through some papers Little Mama brought home from school and I was dying at this questionnaire they filled out.  I think it had to do with the college/carrier day they have coming up.  I just loved that she wants to be a blogger like her mama.  (Oh and a cheerleader and veterinarian, too!)

Not gonna lie...reaching single digits on our summer countdown was pretty darn exciting this week.  Summer is my FAVORITE season and I just love having the kids home with me.

For Mother's Day I had really wanted a new phone, but I'm going to be getting one in the next few months (hopefully!).  Instead I had mentioned to the Mr. if I wasn't getting a phone I would like some new workout shorts.  Blondie told me prior to Mother's Day, "What Daddy got you isn't very good."  She was only saying this because she knew I really wanted a new phone.  Well, he delivered in a BIG way and surprised me with two paris of Lululemon shorts.  These are my first every Lululemon pieces and I was really excited.  Then I tried them on.  Holy moly they run small.  Blondie saw me trying them on and how tight they were on me and she said, "See, I told you it wasn't a good present!" Haha!  I was laughing so hard.  Thankfully, the nice people at Lululemon let me exchange them for bigger sizes.

I actually ended up going up 2 sizes, which is crazy to me, but I'm more about fit and how they look than the number on the size tag.  One size up fit, but they were super short.  Seeing as how I'm a 30 something mother of 3, I figured that might not be the best look. Only sharing all of this in case anyone is looking to order some.  Just adjust your sizing appropriately.

Last, but not least one of my favorite moments from the week was coming home to find this fun cookie bouquet on my doorstep.

Little Mama ran for student council and found out this week she didn't win.  It was a week long campaign and she put everything into it.  She was SO disappointed and it was one of those life lessons that I knew she would have to learn sooner or later, but was just hoping it would be later. After talking before bed a few nights ago we were both in tears and I was just really sad for her.  It's SO hard to see you child so upset and knowing it is just one of many times that they will have to deal with disappointments.  I did what any girl would do and confided in my BFF because I knew as a mom and a female, she would understand.  Then Jen does what she always does...goes out of her way to be thoughtful and kind and sent those cookies.

And that, my friends, is the thought I will leave you with for the week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Good to know about the Lulu shorts...I have gift cards to use but can't bring seem to drag myself over there.


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