Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kitchen Confessions: {Mini Star Pies}

So here is a confession for y'all.  If it isn't easy, I don't do it.  There used to be a time when I was all about going the extra mile.  Maybe I will get back there someday, but today isn't that day.  This week and last week have just about done me in.  I feel like I just have barely been keeping my head above water while running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Earlier this week I showed up to the ice cream social end of the year party for Blondie with a box full of plastic forks instead of spoons.  That right there just about sums it up.  Thankfully though, all of our kids are finally done with school and we are so excited about summer.  Memorial Day is usually the kick-off for summer and we are ready to celebrate in style this year.

These adorable and delicious mini star pies are such a sweet treat and the perfect dessert to take to just about any Memorial Day gathering.  The individual servings are perfect for serving a crowd and trust me when I say they are easy.  They are really simple to put together.  If they were too involved, I promise I wouldn't have made them!

Using refrigerated pie crust a cookie cutter and a simple fruit filling, you can create a dessert that is sure to make you the star of the party.

For the full recipe and all of the step-by-step directions, check out our post on Savvy Sassy Moms!

What are some of your favorite red, white, and blue desserts? 

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