Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Make the End of the School Year Sweeter with Cruchkins™

The end of the school year is crunch time.  Moms of school aged kids everywhere know this time of year is exhausting.  We are in the final countdown with just a few days left and while you think this should be a somewhat relaxing time leading into summer break, it is actually quite the opposite.

This is the time of year that schools, teachers, and teams jam pack everything into the last few weeks before summer.  It's all fun stuff, but it can all start to add up.  There is everything on the calendar from school events like book fairs, field trips and field days to extra curricular things like dance recital rehearsals and soccer team parties.  Let's not forget the regularly scheduled activities like sports practices, dance classes, tumbling lessons and homework to help with.  Pretty much it's go, go, go in these last few weeks of school with very little downtime.  However, the promise of the sweet days of summertime help us to get through these jam packed days and some sweet treats along the way don't hurt either!

If there is one thing my kids got from me, it's my sweet tooth.  The four of us would pretty much always give up salty snacks for something sweet and one of our new favorites are Crunchkins™.  These dessert-favored poppers have a creamy candy coating and a light crunchy center.  The best thing of all about Crunchkins™ are that they come in some of our favorite dessert flavors: Birthday Cake, Fudge Brownie and Glazed Donut.  Hello!  Candy that taste like a donut?!?!  Yes, please!

This busy time of year not only takes a toll on us moms, but it can also affect the kids.  The anticipation of summer is exciting, but kids sometimes feel rushed and over-scheduled at this time of year.  I like to do little things for them each day that will bring a smile to their faces and help them just slow down and enjoy each moment.  Sneaking a special dessert-flavored candy like Crunchkins™ into their lunch boxes brings an extra little sweetness to their day and one bag is plenty to split between each kiddo's lunchbox.

1 oz. serving of Crunchkins™ shown in lunchbox

I also love Crunchkins™ as a quick after school treat before we head off for the afternoon's activities.  The 3 oz. share packs are perfect for just that...sharing! Each pack has an assortment of all three flavors so it's just enough to give all of us a tasty treat before we have to head on our way.

I've also been know to pop a few Crunchkins™ during carpool, too!  It's a yummy motivation to get me through the daily grind.

No matter how we enjoy Crunchkins™, one thing is for sure: they will make the crunch time at the end of the school year a little bit sweeter for all of us!

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I was selected for this opportunity by Crunchkins™ as a member of Clever Girls but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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