Sunday, May 1, 2016

Book Club: May

Welcome to another book club day! All this fabulous warm weather has us dreaming of the days we can finally relax on the porch with a good book instead of scrambling from one final end of the year activity to the next - the end is so close we can taste it! 

And those fruity cocktails we like to drink on said porch reading said book during the summer. ;)

I was able to get three books in last month! All those late night nursing sessions keep adding up! I realized there was a common theme amongst the three too - family! Crazy, chaotic, and sometimes downright dysfunctional families that made me thankful that my own family is a slightly toned down version of crazy in comparison.

The Nest was up first, and it was one of those I couldn't put down. The whole story follows a family who is expecting to get a large inheritance called "The Nest"; however, things don't go as well as they planned. You follow along with each person in "The Nest" to see what life choices they made based off their probable inheritance. It was highly entertaining to follow along and make a guess as to what the ultimate outcome would be. And then I hugged my own family because again...toned down version of crazy. 

Next up was Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey. I loved this book! We love reading fun southern authors and this one did not disappoint. It was such a fun and sweet story about a southern family that just made you smile. It was one of those books that made you feel good coming away from reading it, and you see how sometimes family comes together in a unique, delightful and sometimes unorthodox way. Harvey just came out with a new book called Lies and Other Acts of Love, and I already look forward to reading that one as well. 

The last book I read the month was Eligible. I love love loved this book!  It's based on the classic Pride and Prejudice, but with a modern twist. I remember reading the original in high school and loving it, so I was curious of how the author would tie in new themes like The Bachelor to it. It is a little long, which can be intimidating, but I never felt like it was too much story at all. I couldn't put it down and I absolutely loved the updated story. If you have to put one book on your reading pile this month I would do this one!

Now to Discuss: What did you read? Anything we should put on our list? Steer away from? Share what you read in April below! 

With Mother's Day just around the corner we decided to pick a funny parenting book as May's theme.
See our pick below or share one with us that we should read.

From the Back Cover: 
Now that I’m a mom, I know the most painful part isn’t getting something giant through your hooha. It’s having a real live child.
If you are the kind of mom who shapes your kiddo’s organic quinoa into reproductions of the Mona Lisa, do not read this book. If you stayed up past midnight to create posters for your PTO presidential campaign, do not read this book. If you look down your nose at parents who have Domino’s pizza on speed dial, do not read this book.
But if you are the kind of parent who accidentally goes ballistic on your rugrats every morning because they won’t put their shoes on and then you feel super guilty about it all day so you take them to McDonald’s for a special treat but really it’s because you opened up your freezer and panicked because you forgot to buy more frozen pizzas, then absolutely read this book.
I Want My Epidural Back is a celebration of mediocre parents and how awesome they are and how their kids love them just as much as children with perfect parents. Karen Alpert’s honest but hilarious observations, stories, quips and pictures will have you nodding your head and peeing in your pants. Or on the toilet if you’re smart and read it there.

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Happy Reading!

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