Monday, September 22, 2014

Photo Series: How to Dress For Photos

Happy Monday Everyone! I promised you guys if you made it through my composition post I would post about what to wear in family photos next. This is such a fun topic, but often one of the more stressful aspects it seems for people when they prep for a shoot.

With its beautiful crisp weather, dreamy afternoon light, and holidays on the horizon, Fall is the busiest time of year for photos. Here are some quick tips and suggestions to hopefully help you if you have a shoot planned for your family this season.

Tip #1: Coordination
Trends today in photos lean towards well coordinated outfits, and away from matching identically. My best advice to families is to think of how you look in everyday life. You don't walk around all wearing red shirts and jeans on the same day, so you won't want to wear that in your photos. You want your photos to represent you and your family's style. Try to think of a few colors that you and your family tend to lean towards the most in your wardrobe and use that as your platform. Pick a few colors and mix and match those colors amongst your family members so that as a group as a whole you will coordinate.

Tip #2: Don't Be Afraid of Color
On camera dark colors, jewel tones and bright colors usually make everyone look great regardless of skin tone as well as "pop" on camera. White tends to wash certain skin tones out on camera so be mindful of that.

Tip #3: Be Comfortable
When making your outfit selections make sure you try on the outfit several times and ensure that you and your little ones are comfortable. You want to not only look good in the outfit but make sure that you can move in it as well. You'll be sitting, standing, and posing in a variety of positions for about an hour, and you don't want to be uncomfortable while doing that. If your little one is fighting you on a certain pair of shoes or a headband that's uncomfortable then rework that portion of the outfit before the shoot so that it's not a fight during the session.

Tip #4: Check the Weather
I can't say this enough...check the weather. You don't want to plan for outfits involving sweaters and then it be 80 degrees out, or plan for short sleeved dresses and a cold front come through. The less sweating/shivering everyone is during the shoot, the more enjoyable experience it will be.

Tip #5: Don't Forget the Details
The little details that complete an outfit can actually help tie everything together. Shoes can add a pop of color where it's needed. A scarf can not only provide warmth, but add a fun pattern to tie colors together. A belt, a pair of earrings, a bow...the little details can make a big impact in a fun way.

Tip #6: Have Fun!
At the end of the day don't stress. Pick something that is a good reflection of your family's style and have fun with it. These photos are for you, and the more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the more that will shine in your photos.

To help spring board some ideas for you, I've pulled together some looks for you guys. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest for inspiration. I pinned some of my favorite Fall combos on a board HERE.

Then I took it a step further and pulled together three combinations of my own. I usually tell people to look towards their own closets for inspiration, and to use pieces they love that they already own, but sometimes you just want an excuse to shop.  Who doesn't?

I tried to pull looks from three different retail stores at three different price ranges with pieces that are all currently available in stores. To view individual pieces and pricing click on the link below each picture.

Look 1: Nordstrom Nordstrom Family Photo Option #1

Look 2: Old Navy
Old Navy Photo Options

Old Navy Photo Options by themagnoliamamas featuring suede shoes

Look 3: Target (Note: This one was a little tough as things kept being listed as sold out. Hopefully items, or similar items, will become available soon.)
Target Photo Options

Target Photo Options by themagnoliamamas featuring a statement necklace

Hopefully this helps you during this year's photo session!

 photo jensig.png

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