Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites

Shout it from the roof tops...IT'S FRIDAY!

Oh boy, this was one of those weeks. If I thought the rest of the school year was chaotic, this week put all those previous ones to shame. May might go down as the busiest month out of the year. And that's saying a lot. I mean, there's that whole December thing we have going on. But May...May makes December look like a breeze. 

I saw this online and died laughing...

Don't get me wrong, they are all super fun events. But my brain is full. I blankly stared my way through Tae Kwan Do (more so than normal), and I flat forgot I had a meeting this week, but saved myself when I just happened to be passing the person running it in the hallway five minutes before it started.  #winning

It's all good though because today is Friday and we are going to rock the weekend. Tonight we have fun plans, Saturday is a little dicey on the schedule, but Sunday is Mother's Day and I plan on taking full advantage of that whole "mommy gets to sleep in late" thing that we all hope for every single this one day out of the year. 

Before we kick off the weekend, as usual we are sharing some of our favorite finds for the week with some of our favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites

A while back the ladies at Savvy Sassy Moms sent us a little gift. In it was an assortment of fun items including this fun wine glass...

Considering my week, this was super fitting. 

I shared this on Instagram and several of you asked where you could purchase this wine glass. I found the exact one, but it's sold out. In my search, I did find a few similar ones that are just as funny. 
Humorous Mom Themed Wine Glasses

6. I Do Yoga...

Another one of my favorites was this top I wore to the concert last weekend. I found it when I popped into one of my favorite local boutiques - Findlay Rowe

I wish I had a better picture of it on me, but it is super cute. It has a fun ruffled neck and is the perfect tunic length. 

It also comes in a fun flamingo pattern as well. I already know the next free moment I get I'm going to swing by and grab it for summer. 

P.S. The bracelet is a favorite too. I know I mentioned it a few Fridays ago, but it bares repeating. Our friend Kathyrn makes the cutest stuff and it has been one of my favorite accessories lately.  

Speaking of Kathryn...I was so excited when I spotted some of her goodies in one of our local shops!

I popped in this store called "And THAT" to grab a Teacher's Appreciation gift, and looked up to see her famous drink huggers

I've never been in the store before, but I've heard so many people talk about it. It's kind of across between a World Market and Hobby Lobby to me, but with a local twist. There were tons of locally made items, which I thought was fun. I'll definitely be popping in now and again. Not to mention prices were perfection. 

And knowing they carry Kathryn's stuff is a bonus if I need to grab a gift in a pinch. 

The drink huggers have been a long time favorite of ours. She just gets us. 

In one of the previous pics, you can kind of see another favorite accessory of mine - my watch

Last week/weekend it cooled off a ton, but that didn't stop me from continuing the parade of my nautical theme wear for spring. I snagged this nautical inspired watch a few weeks ago, and have been pleasantly surprised at how often I've grabbed it to put on. 

I own a ton of watches, and to stand out above the rest is saying a lot. I'll share more soon, but definitely one of my favorite pieces lately. 

(Also pictured: Pullover (similar), tote, pants, flip flops.)

The Cutes have been so funny lately. They have gotten into their heads they would like to grow a vegetable garden. Mr. Cute does have a garden, but they wanted their own. 

Cute saved his money and then brought it to the store to buy seeds. He really wanted to grow a "Halloween pumpkin" so that he did. 

I was so surprised when we spotted his little pumpkin seeds were actually growing. I mean who knew what he put in those solo cups, but who am I to judge. I am the worst at keeping plants alive. Clearly all you need is a little southern dirt, a little southern cup, and a whole lot of southern boy. 

His excitement and attentiveness to his garden has been so much fun to watch. Definitely one of the highlights to my week.

And that wraps up my favorites! I hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!

What have been some of your favorites this week? 

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  1. I love that top from Mudpie it is so cute :)
    Chelsea @

    1. It is my new favorite! I love all the other patterns it comes in as well!

  2. I'm loving your top, too! It looks so cool for summer temps!


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