Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

Usually I'm counting down to the weekend, but this week I'm sad to see it here already.  Our kids start back to school in just one week, so the weekend being here means we are closer to them heading back to school.  Some moms are jumping for joy and counting down the days right now, but I'm in total denial.  Part of the reason is because my little Boo-Boo, the baby of the family is going to be heading off to Kindergarten.  He's nervous, but excited.  He's ready.  But I'm not.  I have an entire post in my head dedicated to this idea and all of my thoughts and feelings surrounding it, but that is a topic for another day.

Today I'm linking up with some of our favorite bloggers and sharing my Friday Favorites.  Since my little guy is on my brain and since he just had his 6th birthday last weekend, I thought I'd share six favorites surrounding the fun we had celebrating him!

I've thrown some pretty elaborate birthday parties for my kids.  From hand making decorations and coordinating every little detail, those parties were pretty.  But, they were a lot of work.  When Boo-Boo said he wanted to have an arcade party at one of those places where all I had to do was show up with a cake, I was sold.  Those kind of parties are my favorite because they are so easy and the kids have a blast!  It was the perfect little boy party.  They played laser tag, rode bumper cars, played arcade games and won tickets.  They all had a blast, even the biggest kid of them all, my Mr. 

Getting to bring home balloons, prizes from all the tickets he racked up, and his birthday gifts were definitely a favorite for the birthday boy! 

You might not be able to tell, but that ball is a giant tennis ball.  He picked that with some of his tickets and has had THE best time playing with it.  It bounces really high and is so much fun! 
My kids' favorite breakfast is donuts and the Mr. will take them once in a while to get them on the weekends.  Sometimes they ask and he'll say no because we are busy or have something going on that morning, but they always know if they ask they will get donuts on their birthdays.  And what better way to start off your birthday than with a candle in a donut?! 

Speaking of candles, blowing them out and making wishes is one of Boo-Boo's favorites.  He'd be happy if we had put candles in every single thing he ate that weekend.  He and his Papa's birthdays are only one day apart so we had dinner together to celebrate and made brownies for dessert...complete with candles! 

I have two brothers.  One lives in Atlanta and the other doesn't, but he was in town visiting friends and family for the weekend, so we all gathered to hang out and catch up.  It's rare for all of us to be together except at Christmas, so it was a nice treat!  They are such big kids and had so much fun with Boo-Boo playing baseball, trying to throw a boomerang and getting into a Nerf gun war. Watching them all play together was a favorite memory from that day. (Even if it means I'm still finding Nerf darts all over my house!)

He had been counting down to his birthday for months. He kept up with the number of days until the big day and couldn't wait to be six.  He is, by far, the funniest of all my kids and keeps me laughing with his one-liners and constant commentary on life.  He's totally obsessed with all sports and is competitive to a fault, but he's also the sweetest and most thoughtful kid.  I've always said that I absolutely love being a girl mama, but there is just something so special about the bond between a mother and her son.  

Last night our school had a Kindergarten popsicle party and we found out who his Kindergarten teacher would be.  He was so eager and happy to learn the news that he was giddy! His excitement my favorite!  Watching him run around the playground, interact with other kids and be totally comfortable and confident without even looking back for me was all the reassurance I needed to know he was going to have a blast in Kindergarten.

Carrie Beth 

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