Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Christmas Gifts

Happy Friday!  For a short week (our kids were out of school on Monday) it sure did feel like a long week.  I think starting the week off getting home super late on Monday because of the big game just set us up for what felt like a long week.  Jen and I were talking yesterday and decided we aren't as young as we used to be and staying up until after 1AM on a week night just isn't as easy as it used to be.

Today we're linking up with some of our favorite bloggers to share our Friday Favorites.  Today I wanted to share all about some of mine and my kids' favorite gifts from Christmas.  I may of may not have purchased my own gifts this year and given them to the Mr. to wrap up.  Some people may say that takes the fun out of it. I say it gets me just what I want and makes it easier on him.  A win-win in my book.  Either way, the kids and I both got some fun things and I can't wait to share today. Maybe you are looking for good gift ideas or just want to get a head start on a wishlist for a birthday.  Either way, here are our favorites.

On the day after Christmas we were heading on a road trip to NC to visit my family and I was texting with Jen about each of our Christmases.  She asked me what I got and I texted her this picture.  Workout clothes (my snakeskin leggings) and a ridiculously awesome bag. Pretty much all I wanted.  Give me all the animal print! 

I'm literally obsessed with this bag.  I had been thinking about ordering it for months.  In fact, Jen gave me a gift card to Barrington for my birthday in November and I had held on to it for so long because I just couldn't pull the trigger.  However, I decided this would be a great reason to use it and am SO happy with my choice.  

I have two other Barrington Bags and love them both. I carried the gray and white one for almost two years before I got the blue seersucker one for Mother's Day last year.  I love the size, the material, the way you can personalize them and really make the bag your own.  Plus, it has lots of pockets and keeps all of my stuff organized and is big enough to throw in all the kids' stuff, too.  Just the best mom bag in my opinion.  

Some of my other favorites for gifts were new workout clothes. I found about 4 pairs of leggings at TJ Maxx (my favorite place for workout pants) and got a few tops from Target!  Their C9 brand is really nice and super stylish in my opinion. I love this plum color top because it is super warm and this black and white one is probably my favorite. I can throw this on to go to the gym (or not) and keep it on all day and feel put together running around with the kids or whatever I have going on.  

And I love the way the back looks with the print just at the top.  

I love wearing hoop earrings and my favorite gold hoops are from Stella and Dot.  I wanted a nice silver pair and ended up getting two for Christmas!  One from the Mr.'s grandmother which are beautiful and then these Stella and Dot ones with some sparkle that I had ordered. 

I was so excited to surprise my girls with tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in August.  We are all big fans and I seriously committed a month of my life to getting these tickets during the pre-sale!  I watched videos, purchased merchandise, downloaded the album and more to get points to gain access early.  It was all worth it because we ended up with really great seats and we are SO excited. Jen and Little Cute are coming with us and we can't wait!  

I was laughing and saying you know you have a tween when her favorite gifts are shoes and concert tickets.  Seriously though, those were two of her favorites.  Santa brought her these silver Birkenstocks and it is just killing her that the weather is so darn cold right now because she can't wait to wear them.  You might remember that I found a knock-off pair I loved and named my favorite find of 2017 (which is saying a lot). I got those exact gold Target ones for her for Christmas, but Santa stepped up and bought the real thing because it was one of the top things on her wish-list.  They are super cute though and I might just have to get myself a pair come spring.  

Blondie got an Instax Mini 9 and bundle from Santa and really has had fun taking pics with it!  My parents couldn't believe these things are back, but it is really fun to take a pic and be able to have it printed right away!  

One of her other favorites were these walkie-talkies.  It came in a pack of three which was perfect for my three kids.  They have had so much fun playing all sorts of games and make-believe with these. Everything from restaurant drive through, school, and they even used them to alert us who was arriving at our New Year's Eve party!

Boo-Boo really wanted a Fitbit for Christmas and my in-laws got it for him. I honestly thought he might be little to young for it, but the girls each have one and he was always interested in theirs so I figured we would give it a try.  I knew that boy was active, but I didn't realize just how active until he started wearing this.  His account is hooked to my phone so I get the alerts and emails and I have been amazed by how much he is moving.  Like 20,000 steps a day moving, but it makes sense because he is always on the go. He's had so much fun tracking his steps and gets so excited when he meets his goals so it has been wonderful for him. 

He's also really had fun with this Dirty Dunk. It's such a silly little thing, but he circled it in a toy magazine that came before Christmas and Santa brought it to him. It's a dirty hamper that he can "shoot" his clothes into.  He was always good about picking up his clothes and putting them where they belong, but now this just makes that task more fun! 

One of his other favorites is this tabletop basketball game. You can play with a partner and it keeps track of how many baskets you score in a certain time period.  It lights up, makes noise, and has been super fun for him.  He and the Mr. challenge each other every night! 

What were some of your Christmas gifts?!?

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