Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Amazing Castle

Keeping kids entertained during the Summer can be tricky. Like any stay at home parent, I try my best to set some sort of Summer routine, and limit electronics as best as I can. We love going to the pool, hanging out on the boat, and numerous other outdoor activities, but as much fun as those activities are sometimes you need to switch it up.

My kids love anything to do with royal life. The girls are constantly dressing up and pretending to be princesses, and Cute loves nothing more than grabbing a sword and pretending he is fending off a dragon or bad guys. It isn't uncommon during playdates for them to pretend they are all defending their castle (our backyard playground) from people trying to steal their crown and jewels. So when I heard The Amazing Castle exhibit was making it's way to the Children's Museum of Atlanta, I thought it would be the perfect activity for my little crew!


The Amazing Castle is set up to transport your little ones back in time. Once you pass through the castle walls you are introduced to a royal community. There are several different stations set up that highlight important jobs that citizens had with in the castle walls.

Children can dress the part in royal gear, engage in role playing activities, listen to stories told by royal characters, create their own royal puppet show, pick vegetables in a garden, cook a royal meal and more!

One of the kids favorite parts was playing the matching game to wake up Herald the Dragon. If the kids matched each citizen to their activity correctly Herald would pop out of a tower. The kids thought this part was hilarious!

The kids thought it was such a fun experience, and it was perfect for even my littlest one to engage in. The exhibit is geared towards kids ages 2 to 8.

The exhibit is now open and runs through September 9th in Atlanta.

The Children's Museum is so good about bringing in these rotating exhibits where kids can have fun and play, but still learn a little something here and there. Even I typically learn a cool fact or two along the way. Hands on play is such a great way to teach kids, and I love that we have a museum like this close by to enjoy! 

You can find out more about The Amazing Castle here, and - if you can - take a peek at the hashtag #AmazingCastleATL on all social media channels. There's a great look at what others have have enjoyed that I might have missed with my crazy crew. :) 

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