Thursday, March 7, 2019

Power of Breath Luncheon 2019

Last Friday we attended and participated in the Power of Breath Fashion Luncheon. It was such a fun event and we were so glad we were able to give a small part of us to such an amazing cause.

There is so much prep and planning for this special event, so when we saw it finally brought to life we were so impressed! The ladies of Findlay Rowe and Melissa (the powerhouse behind the Lung Force) definitely know how to put on a great party.

Aside from gracious hosts, the words they shared along with other guest speakers were powerful, touching, and inspiring. We left feeling like we had made 100 new best friends, and completely in awe being surrounded by such powerful and strong women.

Here's a quick little recap of the event. We already can't wait until next year!


| Denim Jacket | Black Maxi Dress | Navy Jumpsuit

When you first arrived to the event you could have your picture taken, do a little shopping, and take part in the auction. We were all about the shopping and the auction. Especially when we saw this...

A wine wall! 

There was a ton of great pop-up shops set up from local boutiques and businesses. From sunglasses to purses to jewelry galore! 

We might have left with an item or two. 

Because we were guests of Findlay Rowe we were able to mix and mingle a little bit and take in a small part of the speakers before we had to go upstairs to get ready for the fashion show. 

Team Findlay Rowe! We're all dressed and ready to walk the catwalk!We love supporting one of our favorite boutiques and these sweet ladies. 

| Dress, shirt, and jewelry from here | Clutch

We also both ended up purchasing and taking home our runway outfits because they were gorgeous! 

We've haven't seen the professional photos from the event yet, so just imagine what Gisele B√ľndchen looks like walking down the runway. Then take it down about five notches, and you have the Magnolia Mamas Super Models. 

After we walked, we were able to sit and eat a delicious lunch and listen to a few more speakers and the 2019 Honoree Deborah Spector. It was interesting to hear her speak as a lung cancer survivor and what life is like now for her. 

Shortly after, the event wrapped up, we officially retired from our super model careers, and we walked back into our mom lives a little more grateful. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Power of Breach Luncheon and the amazing things the Lung Force is doing in the Atlanta area visit here

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  1. Thank you for all you both did for the event!! We are so ever grateful for having met the Magnolia Mamas!! You are both beautiful inside and out!!


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