Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Favorites: Our Favorite One Piece Swimsuits

Happy Friday!  Usually after a 3 day weekend the week flies by, but that just isn't the case this week. It has DRAGGED!!!!  The weather hasn't been great and it's hard with the kids home all day with nothing to do now that school is over. There are no camps, no sports this week and we can't go to the movies or trampoline parks or anything we would normally do on a rainy summer day. Here's hoping for sunny summer days ahead!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite one piece swimsuits!  I had a friend ask me the other day about this topic and so I figured I would do a blog post about it!

Our FAVORITE suit last summer was THIS ONE!  We even showed up at the lake one day twinning! 

I know a lot of moms don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini anymore and even if you do there are times that you just want to be a little more covered up.  Especially when you want to be the fun mom and do things like jump in the pool or go down the water slides...something we've been known for a time or two.
Being FUN MOMS!!!  Both of our suits in this pic are from Nip Tuck Swim
The good news is that one piece swimsuits are totally on trend this summer and we did a little round up of some of our very favorites!  

Black one shoulder - The one shoulder trend is SO popular this year!

Blue ruffle stripe - This suit is adorable and we love the girly details!

One shoulder ruffle - This one comes in a TON of colors and has over 1,000 great reviews!!!

Orange color block - We love the color blocking on this one and it also comes in a teal and pink color block.

Tropical palm leaves - This is another one that has TONS of great reviews and comes in a bunch of different colors/patterns.  The cut of it and the placement of the mesh straps are SUPER flattering.

Black crochet - This was our favorite last summer and is still available in a few sizes.  There is also an updated version HERE.

Orange ruffle - This suit is so cute on and we love the ruffles! It comes in a bunch of colors and also has a bunch of great reviews.

Leopard one shoulder - You know us and our love of animal print!  Combine it with a one shoulder suit and we are in love!

Blue lace - OK, this one is a little more revealing than some of the others, but it is so pretty and if you are looking to show a little more skin, but still be covered this is a great option.

Tie-dye - We had to include a fun tie-dye swimsuit since it's our favorite print this summer!

When we were doing our round up we couldn't pick just a few because there are seriously SO many cute ones out this summer.  Here are a few others that we love!!!

leopard // ruffle (also comes in white) // floral and striped //scalloped one shoulder (also comes in pink)

This leopard print one is actually one of my personal favorites this summer.  I love how you can tie up the sides of the legs so it doesn't cut into your hips.

When I spotted this cut-out suit it reminded me of a style I used to have when I was a kid called belly-busters.  Does anyone remember those?  It was connected on the side, but your belly still showed, hence the name.  SO impressed with the quality of this one!

Are you a one piece or a bikini kind of mom?  

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  1. Black one shoulder is my love. I ordered 3 “cheap” swimsuits from amazon...this one was the best! It is a thick weight. No see through butt with this suit!! It’s lined well. Definitely size up! I am about 5’5” 140lbs and usually a size 8, sometimes size 6. I ordered a size 10 Navy in this suit and it fits very well. It’s snug but not tight. I feel like it sucks everything in well. And the length is just right.


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