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Family Vacation To The Abacos, Bahamas {Part 2}

Yesterday I shared about our amazing trip to Abacos, Bahamas and because there was SO much to share I decided to break it up into two parts.  You can click HERE to read all about the Covid procedures, how we got there (by boat!!!) and where we stayed.  Today I'll share the really fun stuff...what/where we ate, and what we did all week. 


We brought as much with us as we possibly could.  Because we were staying in a house and able to cook we brought things for breakfast, some lunch stuff and enough meat for a few dinners.  We also loaded up on a lot of waters, kid and adult drinks, and snacks.  You technically were not supposed to bring in fresh fruits and vegetables so we didn't, but wish we could have.  There were some larger markets that we could have boated to to stock up on some things, but most of the smaller markets we visited were extremely limited in their selection.  For example, one night for dinner we cooked filet mignon that we brought with us and our sides were a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese and Rice-a-Roni.  No one was going hungry on this trip, (far from it) but my kids have gotten so used to having exactly what they want when they want it and this was sort of eye opening to them.  When we are out of something at home they write it on my grocery list and it magically appears in the refrigerator or in our pantry a day or two later.  In the Bahamas it took a lot of planning and a little rationing.  It also forced some of my kids to try new things because that's just all there was.  

When we weren't eating at home we had some AMAZING food at some really great restaurants. We went everywhere by boat on all of the surrounding islands. 

Grabbers became our go-to and we were regulars by the end of the week. We loved it for the laidback beach bar vibe. 

There were a lot of locals there on a regular basis. The kids could swim, paddle board or play games while we waited on food. 

Some of us took part in karaoke one night and we had fun watching conch being pulled straight from the water and made into delicious conch salad down at the dock.  

The first time we visited we all put on coverups and flip-flops.  By the end of the week we were rolling up in swimsuits because that is just the kind of place this was.  

At Pineapples Bar and Grill we learned a lesson in patience.  There is a no rush attitude and it took at least an hour and a half to get our food, but the drinks were strong and the locals were entertaining. 

Firefly Bar and Grill was probably the most Americanized place we visited, but I loved the darling details.  

It's a seaside resort that was as charming and southern as you would expect from the creators of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.  This Boutique, Bar & Grill was the type of upscale place you can still show up to in your swimsuit coverup, but with a fancy drink menu full of yummy cocktails and delicious food. 

Pete's Pub was quite the boat ride to get to, but worth so it.  They have a set menu that changes regularly and again just a super laid-back vibe.  The kids can run around on the beach, parents can hang out, and there was great music.  On the backside of this spot the kids went exploring and about gave us all a heart attack when we realized they had climbed up on a giant rock cliff with waves crashing around them, but it was an epic experience for the kids.  


This trip was the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.  I'm one who likes to sit myself on a beach and not move. However, I know the rest of my family would prefer to be on an adventure so this was a good mix of both.  Each morning after sleeping in and eating breakfast we would head out on the boat for the day to explore something new.  

Scotland Cay was perfect for relaxing.  The kids could swim, play on the beach, or snorkel. Parents could do that or just relax.  We saw a lot of fish and several stingrays here!  

Tahiti Beach and surrounding areas had the most amazing water. It didn't even look real.  It was just so crazy to me how we were experiencing this gorgeous place and the kids were swimming around there like it was nothing.  

Nun Jack Cay was the perfect snorkeling spot.  The kids swam with sharks and sea turtles!  

My oldest has loved sea turtles since she was little. After swimming right beside one, touching it, and getting some pretty amazing photos she climbed up on the boat and said, "I can cross that off my bucket list." That was a pretty amazing experience for all of them, but especially her.  

No Name Cay had at the swimming pigs.  To be honest this was something I was most excited about for the Bahamas, but those suckers are pretty aggressive. 

 We saved food to bring to them and they knew it. As soon as we pulled up on the boat they started swimming out for the kids and wanted the food.  When the food was gone they still wanted more.  

One of them kind of rammed my daughter's leg to the point that she started bleeding.  It was still fun photo op though and something I'm happy to say we did.


Hope Town was an island with several restaurants, shops, and hotels. Still small, but more to offer and had been rebuilt more than some of the other islands.  We visited Abaco Inn a few times to shop, swim, and just visit with some of the other boaters.  

Along the way if we found something neat, we would just stop and explore.  We found these giant starfish one day. The current was pretty rough on that day, but we fought it so the kids could get pictures.  


This trip could not have been possible if we weren't both boating families.  

Both husbands are very comfortable and knowledgeable about boating and all of our kids have been on boats since they were just a few weeks old.  There is a lot of time on a boat. 

We made the crossing from Florida to the Bahamas with another boat and that gave us all a sense of security knowing that if something happened we weren't out there alone.  

The friends we were with had some other friends who were there at the same time so we met up with them several days and all the kids all got along so well.  Being with people who had been to Abacos before was helpful.  They knew all of these cool spots and made sure we were able to see and experience it all.  

This book was very helpful to our friend and captain of the boat.  It gives a ton of information about each island and what you can expect there.  

The people in the Bahamas are the best.  The locals are kind and grateful for tourist. I was SO proud of my little guy. He played with the same local friend a few times when we were at a local restaurant and on our last evening he ran back to the boat to get one of his footballs to give his new friend.  The child couldn't BELIEVE he was being gifted this toy, but it made his face light up and might my heart swell.  

The other boaters we met were just as friendly and helpful. Everyone strikes up a conversation with everyone. We had a guy gave us tips about where to find some great beaches. Another person we met gave us coordinates to make our trip to West End a smooth and easy one. One mega yacht even shared their ice with us for our coolers when the market was sold out.  It was so refreshing to see the good in so many people!  

The hurricane destruction made parts of these islands like third world countries.  It was sad, but the people there were so generous and grateful we were there.  

During our trip I realized this is an expensive vacation, but the places we visited (aside from Firefly and Abaco Inn) do not have an expensive or luxury feel AT ALL.  It was eye opening to all of us, but we would go back in a heartbeat and I'm so happy that we got to experience it all.  

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