Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Where To Find Homecoming Dresses

Yesterday I shared all about my daughter's homecoming experience HERE and today is all about the dresses! I loved opening up Facebook all fall long to see my friends posting pictures of their kids dressed up and heading to homecoming. One thing I learned is that each school has a sort of different trend.  Some schools the kids go all out with sequins and heels, some are a little more dressed down and some are more like a casual dress with sandals.  

For our high school's homecoming most people get pretty dressed up so there were three things that the girls wanted.  Sparkly, Snug, and Short. I heard many moms stressing over finding an appropriate dress for homecoming and the struggle is real!  I learned quite a lot helping her shop for her first homecoming dress and although I know homecoming season is almost over for most schools, I'm hoping this will help someone out for next year. 


1. Your best bet is online - My daughter really wanted to try on dresses in person instead of shopping online so we went to the mall, but really didn't have much luck.  Everything was pretty picked over by mid-September. What we did find was poorly made, didn't fit well, and we had to wait in really long lines to try things on because of Covid regulations with fitting rooms.  One store we went into made me feel like Filene's Basement running of the brides.  Dresses would get put back on racks from the fitting rooms and girls would make a mad dash to grab what they could.  I'm glad we went so she could see things in person, but needless to say we left empty handed. 

2. Start early - No lie, next  year I will probably encourage her to start looking in August.  Between shipping times, weird sizing, and just the crazy schedule of our fall school and sports, going ahead and having the dress nailed down a head of time will be a major headache saver. 

3. Order several at one time - Even if she thinks she finds the dress she loves and knows it is "the one" go ahead and order a few others that can be returned so there are options.  You never know what it is going to look like in person and you might be surprised when they arrive. I had her go through and pick her top three to order and try on. 

4. Pick one of your own to add to cart - It's no secret that some moms and teen daughters disagree on clothing options and homecoming dresses are no exception. I actually convinced my daughter to add her green dress to our order. It wasn't the style she thought she wanted and definitely not the color she was going for, but once she tried it on it was her favorite!  The cut and color looked amazing on her and had I not add that one to our order she never would have found it!  


I mentioned the mall and we scoured all of our sources there without a ton of luck.  The big department stores had some, but a lot of it was picked over.  We ended up ordering several dresses from Dillards that were promising, but the fit wasn't right on any of them so I ended up returning them.  I would have had to pay to return by mail, but I was able to return in store with no fees.  

Another friend of mine told me about Lulu's, an online boutique and I felt like we had hit the jackpot!  This isn't sponsored in any way...just hoping this will help another mom. There were over 20 pages of homecoming dresses and just about every style, color, and design you could want.  Lots of the styles came in a variety of different colors.  I thought the prices were very reasonable and the shipping was really fast.  Also, they offered free returns by mail so I felt totally fine about ordering a few from there for her to try. We ended up ordering 3 and she liked them all, but loved the green one so that is what we went with! 

Left to right starting at the top. 

1. Pink Satin ($64)

2. Black with stars ($60)

3. Green sequin ($52)

4. Purple sequin ($58)

5. Silver sequin ($48)

6. Black strapless ($78)

7. Black one shoulder ($69)

8. Pink with glitter hem ($78)

9. Magenta sequin ($68)

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