Friday, February 11, 2022

Friday Favorites {And a GIVEAWAY!!!}

Happy Friday, friends!  It's always a good day when it's Friday and today is no different.  I'm excited to share some fun Friday favorites with you today and make sure you read to the very bottom because we have a very exciting giveaway starting today!!! 

My first favorite today is one I thing I have shared favorite mascara! I've actually shared it here before, but I had two people in the past two weeks comment on my eyelashes and ask what kind of mascara I use.  I love the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect

The best part about this is the price!  It's just about $5 from Amazon and two coats of this makes your lashes look amazing. 

My next favorite are fresh flowers! I love them even more when it's a fun surprise from my sweet neighbor's yard! 

She cut and brought these over last weekend and I have loved having them on my kitchen counter this week. Jen and I always joke that when we are old we're going to start gardening and will have all sorts of flowers we can cut from our yard.  Until that day comes, I'll just enjoy the ones my neighbors share! 

Moving on to number three for today a pair of shoes I am SO excited about.  I had been eyeing these braided heels all summer last year, but never pulled the trigger.  

Well, Target to the rescue! They have a great dupe right now. 
I saw the black ones in Target last week and had been stalking the website ever since because I knew they would be stocking the tan color soon.  I ordered them this week and they should arrive over the weekend.  I feel like these are just such a great staple and will match literally everything when I have an occasion to dress up.  A friend of mine has the black ones from Target and said she thinks they are as great as the originals and for the price you cannot beat it.  They actually have several colors in stock right now! I'll report back after they are in, but I already know I'm going to love them. 

My next favorite is my new jacket.  

This is one of those items I didn't know I needed until I had it.  Oh my gosh!!!  Everyone who touches it comments on how soft it is. It sort of feels like wearing a super soft blanket. It matches just about everything, and I have gotten more wear out of it the past few weeks than I ever would have imagined.  

Last, but certainly not least this week are these amazing bags from Lolly Luella!  

We have been loving the neoprene bag trend and when we got introduced to Lolly Luella we were so excited because they are a local company based right here in metro Atlanta.  They have the cutest prints and patterns and offer such a great variety of bags.  Everything from totes to tennis bags and lunchboxes to wine carriers.  We had the chance to met the owner earlier this week and she is THE SWEETEST!!!!  

I got this super fun navy and pink tote which I LOVE.  It is the ultimate mom bag. I have tried carrying smaller bags, but I always get stuck with other people's things so it just is easier for me to have something big that I can fit everything in! Their bags have great interior zippered pockets and even a small matching zippered pouch that comes with it.  

Jen got one of the adorable lunchboxes that her middle immediately snagged for herself!  I mean, just look at how cute both she and that lunchbox are. 

It has a cute little shoulder strap and is the perfect size to put a meal and some snacks in for a long night at the gym or great for taking to work or school. 

Now here is the fun part.  Lolly Luella is so kind that they offered to give away one of their tote bags to one of our lucky readers. Yay!!! Just head on over to Instagram to read all the details and enter to win a tote bag of your choice!   

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