Monday, January 9, 2023

Athletic Looks + Lulu Dupes!

Happy New Year friends! We hope everyone has had a great start to 2023! Today all the kids are back in school, so it finally feels like we know what day it is and what we are doing. We love a good break, but we also realize routine is what allows us to do all the things.  Otherwise we are just floundering in our pajama pants and driving our tiny humans to the various activities they've planned for themselves. 

But not today. Today they get the luxury of our pajamas and driving skills straight to all the various educational institutions the good state of Georgia has to offer. 

And then we change into the much more sophisticated version of pajamas to do all the things - athleisure. 


Bless the fashion industry for making athleisure a lasting trend because we are forever here for it. Sweatpants Joggers, fanny pack belt bag, sneakers - it has become so easy to put together a stylish, yet comfortable outfit that can take us from drop off to desk to workout and everywhere in between. 

Here are a few looks we have been loving lately...


We love Lululemon, but also love finding a good dupe for a fraction of the cost. Here are two lately that have passed our dupe test. 

This skirt is a dupe of an older style Lulu skirt. But we couldn't resist  all the fun colors they had in stock and for less than half the price of the inspo piece. It will be perfect for in the Spring and Summer too! 


For accountability purposes we thought to create this accountability calendar. We shared it on Instagram and thought to share it here too. We will try to post a new one each month, but pop over to stories occasionally to see what we do to move each day and feel free to save and share your movement too! 

And speaking of trackers, we spotted this Peloton tracker on Etsy

We love the idea of being able to save a copy on your phone or printing a poster to put in your workout area. Such a great idea if you are a Peloton lover!

Here's to a cozy and comfy 2023 friends! 

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