Monday, February 20, 2023

How To: Make Bubble Tea At Home

If your kids are anything like mine, they are all about the Bubble Tea trend. I sort of thought this might have gone away by now, but they are hanging on to it! When we were in London they had some at the cutest little spot (still need to share about that trip!) and anytime we see a Bubble Tea shop when traveling or near home they love to pop in!  

Just before Christmas I found these pre-packed bubble tea 4-packs at Target of all places.  I grabbed one in each of the flavors and my kids loved them! 

Then somehow I discovered that they sold the popping boba pearls on Amazon in a lot of different flavors. Click HERE to see them all. 

I ordered the strawberry ones to test out and see if we could make our own bubble tea at home.  It was a winner! If you want to be moved up to "cool mom" status, just order some and let your kids start mixing up their own bubble tea. I promise they will love it! 

Strawberry Citrus Bubble Tea
*Add 3 tablespoons of strawberry popping boba pearls to a glass. 
*Fill 1/2 the glass with green tea. 
*Top the other 1/2 of glass with lemonade. 
*Use a large straw and enjoy!

If you decide to make bubble tea at home, don't forget the straws!  You'll need large straws to be able to fit the boba.  You can get disposable bubble tea straws HERE or reusable ones HERE
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