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Book Club: February 2023 Reviews


Here we go - book club day! Our favorite post of the month!


If you are ever looking for a wide range of book reviews in one of our book club posts, this would be it. This one has a little bit of everything. All we are missing is a biography and we might have completed every genre possible. And with Spring Break reading on the brain, we might have you covered. 



First up for me this month was Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt. This one got tons of reviews so I wanted to see what the hype was all about.  A widowed woman who also lost her son in a tragic accident years ago befriends an octopus at the aquarium where she works. I sounds kind of far fetched, but I've read weirder things. It was really a heartwarming story and I loved hearing the octopus' point of view as he worked to help point his friend in the right direction to finding out the truth about her son's disappearance all those many years ago. It was a heartwarming story! 

Next up for me was Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan. A fellow baseball mom friend recommended this one to me. It was a cute, quick read! Nora writes love story scripts for a living and is recently getting over a divorce. When one of her movies comes to life in her backyard she finds herself falling for the actor. Their unlikely connection quickly comes to an end and she is left wondering what went wrong before the truth finally comes out. This was just as my friend told me...quick and easy read (or listen) and a sweet story that was wrapped up nicely by the end! 

My last book this month was the latest from Jojo Moyes, Someone Else's Shoes. I LOVED this book. It had a girl power vibe, celebrated relationships of women and showed how important it was for us to support one another. 

A mix-up with a bag in the gym locker room leads to some major havoc for two women.  Both of their lives are falling apart for completely different reasons and a custom pair of Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes ends up bringing them together.  One super wealthy wife and mother looses her shoes and the same day finds out she is about to loose her high powered lifestyle as she knows it.  Another woman is dealing with a depressed husband, an unreasonable boss, and dealing with the stresses of being the only one keeping her family afloat. When her only option is to wear the heels she finds a confidence she didn't know she had and realizes she has to make a change. 

This story was funny, sad, heartwarming and really great. Definitely recommend it! 


Since it was the month of love, I kicked it off with a rom com. A Guide To Being Just Friends was the perfect way to start out the month. It was a little predictable, but the story had some unique tie ins that made you feel like it was fresh. It follows the friendship of Hailey and Wes. Both moved to the area to get a fresh start. One from a break-up to follow their dreams, and one to escape an overbearing father to work with his brothers. The two have big goals, and a relationship isn't one of them. They vow to just be friends, and instantly become the best of friends. 

I won't divulge more - so no spoilers - but it was a super cute and quick romance novel. If you are looking for a light and easy read with fun banter this one is for you!

I switched it up for my next book. The Last House Guest popped up and I had to read it. I loved reading Ryan novels last year. She definitely knows how to write a good psychological thriller. And this one is all sorts of twisty turny crazy. 

You meet Alyssa as she is on the brink of a nasty divorce. Big money is in play and her soon to be ex-husband knows just how to always get what he wants. Then Alyssa meets Bree, who is also having her own relationship troubles. Soon they realize they might be able to help each other. But when a third person gets added to their trio, Alyssa wonders what is really going on. 

This was a page turner for sure. I enjoyed it and it kept me guessing the whole time. The ending is a doozy that I did not see coming, and while a little farfetched, I can also totally see something like it happening. 

Colleen Hoover. Rarely can you go in a book store or online without seeing her name. And with good reason. I guess I heard that she had a new novel coming out with her best friend and I pre-ordered it because Never Never  showed up via Amazon on my doorstep the day it published. After reading some things online I realized this is an older novel of theirs that they are re-releasing. Originally it was split into three smaller novels, but it now released as one.

Right from page one this one is intriguing. Charlie and Silas are a couple. Or so they are being told. They both get amnesia at the exact same time, and have to figure out everything from who they are, where they live, and why they suddenly lost their memories all while battling feelings that pull them together even though they are now strangers. 

This is definitely more of a young adult novel, but it was still a fun read. It's a cross between a romance and a mystery with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. I read it in just a few days and it is different than anything else I've read by Hoover before. 

A friend and I want to watch the new show Dear Edward on Apple TV. We heard there was a book and decided to read it first. Oh my,  Dear Edward gets my full tissue warning. This book was so good, but also so heartbreaking to read. It follows Edward who is in a plane crash as a child and is the sole survivor. You get a peek at his life and feelings following the crash. Some parts of it were a little redundant to me, but all together it was a story I really enjoyed. I kept thinking what I would do or feel if I was in a similar situation (which I hope never ever happens). I just can't even imagine! If you are looking for a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story - this one is for you! 



A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole randomly popped up on my Amazon when I was searching for a new book.  After reading the reviews a lot of people were kind of divided on this book, but most said what a heartbreaking love story it was.  Tears, emotion and heartbreak are some of my favorite books, so I'm going to give this one a try! 


Our golf club hosts an in person Book Club and this month I plan to join in the fun. They chose Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow . I've seen a wide range of reviews for it, so I am curious to see how I feel about it myself. It definitely covers a different topic than I am used to reading, but it will be good to read something out of my comfort zone for a change. 



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