Friday, August 29, 2014

College Football Love

It's about to be September in the south and that can only mean one thing...time for college football!  I am always a little sad (OK, a lot sad) when summer comes to an end.  However, when I start thinking about all of the great things that fall brings, including football games and cheering on our beloved Dawgs, I get just as excited about the next season.  Jen and I are Georgia Bulldog girls at heart, but pretty much anyone you talk to would tell you that here in the south football means tailgating, sporting your teams colors, and celebrating the long standing (and mostly friendly) rivalries between teams.

Our kids love getting in on the football action and pretty much from day one they have been trained to yell "Go Dawgs!"  I love that they love the idea of cheering for our team and I'm hoping we can take them all to another game this season.  Just for fun, here is a little walk down memory lane with my 3 and their love for the Dawgs!

Can I just pause for a second and say that the two pictures below are how I still view my Goldilocks and Boo-Boo, although these pictures are a few years old.  I'm in denial that they are growing up, but that is a post for another day! 

I pretty much love any excuse to dress my kids and decorate my front porch to fit a theme so I was excited to work hard all week to get our house ready for the very first game of the season.  Just putting out all of this stuff made me giddy.

It must have had the same effect on the kids because every time we pull in the driveway and see all of our UGA stuff my little guy yells an enthusiastic "Go Dawgs!"  This evening I even had the girls singing Glory, Glory to Ole Georgia. Let me just tell you, that makes my heart smile!

One project I worked on this week were these burlap footballs for my front doors.

Look out for more about these next week.  I'm planning to share a tutorial about how to make some of your very own and they will also be added to our Etsy Shop at the first of next week if you don't want to try making them yourself.

I put out our UGA flag (that was a gift from a dear friend) and dressed it up a little with some fun red and black chevron ribbons.  I think adding ribbon, twine and burlap to just about anything can add a fun touch of detail.

I also made covers for some of my porch pillows out of old fabric I had stashed away.

And, I couldn't forget about the inside of the house.  I probably get more excited than I should about changing out my chalkboard message, but this was certainly a fun one.

Now all we have to do is contain our excitement for one more day until kick-off!  We'd love to hear who your favorite team is and how you will be celebrating the start of college football this weekend!  Even if you aren't wearing red and black, leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite football game traditions are.  And, be sure to check back next week after the holiday for a peek at how the Magnolia Mamas tailgate at home because there might just be some fun printables and a GIVEAWAY!!!  We wish everyone a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend!
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