Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home Tour {Living Room}

I talked about my pillow transformations in my last post and gave y'all a sneak peak at the rest of the room.  Well, we got the curtains hung and now the room feels so much more complete...even though there is still some work to be done. It's amazing to me though how just by hanging the curtains the room instantly felt warmer and more cozy.  Now I'm excited to work on curtains for lots of other rooms in the house, too.  

This is the view looking into the living room from the kitchen.  I just LOVE the way the panels add that cozy touch to the room that felt so bare before.  The fabric I ended up choosing for the panels was not my first choice and not even what I had in my mind as something I wanted for this room.  But, when I saw it on the bolt I definitely gave it a second and then a third look and it started to grow on me.  And when saw the price (less than $10 a yard), I was sold!  

When we were building our house we walked through every model home we could find to get ideas.  The lanterns on the side of the TV was an idea we got from one of the model homes we toured.  I love that we did it in this room because the room stays darker and the lanterns help to brighten it up!  These are actually outdoor lanterns we decided to use on the inside of the house because it was the look we were going for.  We have these same lanterns outside our garage and our front doors, too!  That's how much we liked them. :-) 

The pair of seersucker chairs sits on the left side of the room and our sectional couch is on the right side, tucked back into the corner.

Originally I was going to get my two nursery gliders/ottomans recovered for this space.  Then I got quotes on how much that would cost and we could literally have bought two brand new glider/ottomans for the same price it would cost to redo them.  We scratched that idea and I sold one and kept one for a bedroom.  Then I began searching for new chairs and that is when I came across these lovely ones.

It was just a random search on Pinterest one day for "seersucker chair" and I kept seeing pictures of this same one.  Not only was it seersucker and in the colors I wanted, it also had nail heads and a gorgeous pale blue linen on the sides.  Surprisingly, they were from Pier One.  I was so excited because at the time they were on sale and I'd just received a 15% off coupon in the mail to be used there.  After checking them out in person, I took the hubs back to prove that they were quite comfortable (remember that is always his #1 requirement) and then we brought two of them home!


Now, here is where I need help. I have these two giant blank walls above our couch that I just don't know what to do with (ignore that ugly surround sound speaker!).

I have thought about doing some mirrors similar to THESE from Ballard Design on one wall, but then the other wall is still blank???

Photo credit - Ballard Designs 

I've also thought about some sort of paintings or watercolors, but they would just have to be really big and coordinate somehow.  I just don't know what to put there, but I do know I need HELP so I would love for y'all to leave comments with suggestions or tips on what you think would look good!  Help me fill those blank walls so I can call this room done and move onto the next one! 
 photo cbsignature.jpg


  1. Canvas pictures collage of your family

  2. I have this EXACT problem in our living room! I also thought about doing the mirrors but I was going to carry them onto both walls and anchor them with big candle sconces on the ends. I also thought about doing big pieces of stained wood (same shape as the mirrors) and doing those on both walls with the large candle sconces mounted on them...or covering the wood with a fun fabric and trimming it with nailhead trim and either mounting the sconces on them or

    1. putting a sconce just between the two outer most pieces...but regardless I think I'm going to treat both walls as one wall instead of coming up with 2 things that just work together.


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